Featuring Ashley Bryan

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“We Are Born of Cast-off Pieces”

Puppets, Poems, Masks

A Brunswick Community Forum on the Art of Story-Telling

Featuring Ashley Bryan

 “We paint, we write poetry and we express ourselves out of our desire to bring people together in a way that goes beyond who we are as individuals,”

so says Ashley Bryan, artist, story-teller, and award-winning creator of children’s books who will be the featured presenter at a community story-telling forum Saturday, October 4.

Ashley Bryan

The event will be held from 9:30am to 3:30pm in the Great Hall (Union Street entrance) St Paul’s Church, 27 Pleasant Street, Brunswick, stpaulsmaine.org. This forum is sponsored by St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, and Portland’s historic Abyssinian Meeting House, whose executive board is honoring Mr. Bryan as their first inductee to the Abyssinian Hall of Fame.

Ashley Bryan will be telling African Folk Tales, reciting poetry, and sharing some of his art which he has been creating for most of his 91 years!

The forum will include

  • a presentation from Maine Inside Out, and original theatrical work-in-progress by incarcerated youth from Longcreek Correctional Facility,
  • African drumming by Resounding Rhythms.
  • For those interested in learning to tell their story, The Telling Room, a non-profit writing center in Portland dedicated to the idea that children and young adults are natural story-tellers, will be among those offering workshops.
  • Other workshops will include
    • puppet or mask-making,
    • African drumming,
    • reading to children.

Jane Burke, Christian Formation Director at St. Paul’s Church is thrilled to be chairing this event with James Ford, member of St. Paul’s and of the Education Committee of the Abyssinian Meeting House.

“It’s hard NOT to be inspired by Ashley Bryan’s child-like energy. To be in Ashley Bryan’s presence is an unforgettable experience!” says Ms. Burke.

Mr. Bryan’s morning program, featuring the poems of his puppets, will be of interest to both children and adults. The workshops that follow are for all ages.

For adults and youth, the afternoon will begin with Mr. Bryan’s presentation of African American poets and African folktales, followed by Maine Inside Out’s dramatic presentation and a discussion with the audience.

Sandwiches will be available for purchase.

Books by Ashley Bryan will be available on site through Gulf of Maine Books.

The event is free and open to the public. Reservations would be helpful but not essential.

Please visit stpaulsmaine.org and either email us, stpauls@stpaulsmaine.org or call (207) 626-0738 for the schedule of events and to make your reservation.

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9-12 What’s Happening at St. Paul’s

We Are Born of Cast-Off Pieces” Puppets, Poems, Masks
A Brunswick Community Forum on the Art of Story-Telling Featuring Ashley Bryan.
Ashley Bryan, artist, story-teller, and award winning creator of children’s books will be the featured presenter at a community story-telling forum Saturday, October 4, 9:30am to 3:30pm at St. Paul’s Church, 27 Pleasant St. Brunswick. Sponsored by St. Paul’s Church and Portland’s Abyssinian Meeting House. www.stpaulsmaine.org

Fall Evening of Fun and Fellowship  Friday, September 19, 5:30 p.m.

Potluck dinner. Help is needed for set up, cleanup and, of course, food. Sign up sheets are in the hallway. Dinner will begin at 5:30, but come as your schedule and family allow.

Bring a talent to share! We know that God has blessed the St. Paul’s family with many and varied talents. So we are hoping our potluck on September 19th won’t be only about food but that you’ll also bring and share your talent as we kick off our season of celebrating and responding to all that God has given us. Let Bob or Cristle Judd know if you’d like to offer something at this informal parish open mic night. (And feel free to let us know about friends who may be slow to volunteer but whose talent you would like to encourage them to share!) 207-725-0803 or cristlejudd@gmail.com.

A Note from the Rector

Dear Friend,

I wanted to share with the people of St. Paul’s the letter I wrote to our Committee/Commission chairs. It reflects our way forward together as we seek to give to God’s work at St. Paul’s for 2015.Thank you for reading my articles!

Your friend in Christ,

Dear Leaders of St. Paul’s, Committee/Commission Chairs,
2015 BUDGET SUBMISSION REQUEST DUE OCTOBER 10, 2014. (Please email it to Steve Thomas our treasurer, sthomas@sharondrake.com)
It’s Time to Celebrate Your Committee’s Accomplishments for 2014 and Plan the 2015 Budget!
Thank you for a very rewarding 2014 so far!

BACKGROUND: The Finance Committee Chair and the Treasurer normally send out the budget request notification. I’m grateful to Peter McCracken and Steve Thomas for doing this for 2014. But since this is my first year with you and the budget process, I told Peter and Steve that for JUST THIS YEAR I was taking over the job of soliciting budget input from you. This is because I wanted to ask you to accomplish some additional tasks with your committee during this process. I’d like you to think about your accomplishments, future goals, membership and leadership for the coming year.

CURRENT BUDGET PROCESS: And so, this email might come as a bit of a jolt because we are departing from the usual way we ask you to submit your budget requests. The wardens and I would very much like for you to engage your committee and think about what God is calling you to and what you really need to accomplish your goals. We hope you don’t end up saying, “Just put in the amount from last year” because we think you have some compelling ideas for ministry that might cost a more and inspire the congregation to give more! As you know, the Vestry has already adopted the Outreach proposal for an increase.

This season we are engaged in a new “Giving Program.” The committee is renamed from “Stewardship” to “Giving”. “Giving” is a more comprehensive term…people give of themselves to build up the Body of Christ in more ways than financially. Certainly, “giving” is easier to understand! Thank you, Nancy Keating, Chair of the Giving Program, for engaging us to think about giving for God’s work at St. Paul’s!

And so, as you begin to meet with your respective committees, I am offering these six tasks for you to consider as you plan for our future. I also encourage you to please think carefully about how your committee and activities might include families and children. For example, Earth Care could plan a movie night and offer a screening of “Wall-E”, a fun and top-notch animated movie about the environment! Or Worship Committee could collaborate with our Youth to plan another Celtic service of prayer.


1. To take a look at the work of your committee/commission last year and celebrate your accomplishments!
2. To envision what your commission/committee wants to accomplish in 2015. What is God calling you to?
3. To make one of your goals be that you will offer a program or opportunity for fellowship with our families and children.
4. To think about the amount you need in the 2015 budget to accomplish the 2015 goals.
5. To recruit new members to your committee/commission and allow a period of rest for those who need it. (Carolyn and the Wardens can help with this.)
6. To assess the leadership (chairperson) and provide for new leadership if your committee discerns that that you would like to develop new leadership. (Carolyn and Wardens can help here, too!)

Thanks be to God for the people of St. Paul’s!

Music Notes
Worship at 10:30 Sunday begins with a series of short pieces based on the melody for the Magnificat, Mary’s song of praise, by seventeenth-century German composer Samuel Scheidt. Our first hymn is “Praise, my soul, the king of heaven,” a paraphrase of Psalm 103 (parts of which we sing during the service) written by Henry Lyte about 1834. It’s a glorious hymn of praise! At the gradual, we sing “No saint on earth lives life to self alone,” by J. W. Schulte-Nordholt and Norman J. Kansfield (1982). It’s a lovely newer hymn that underscores our reading from Romans encouraging our common walk that follows the pattern Jesus has given us. At the offertory, the choir sings a recent setting of Psalm 84, “How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings Fair,” by Robert Powell. It is attractive in simplicity, worshipful, and a reminder of our joy in worship. During communion we sing the Taizé song “Bless the Lord, my soul,” a refrain from Psalm 103. Our final hymn is “All praise to thee, for thou, O King divine,” written by Bland Tucker in 1938 and set to a great tune by Charles Stanford. It reminds us again of joy in worship, as we meditate on Jesus’s humility and majesty. The service concludes with a joyful prelude and fugue by J. S. Bach.
There’s no music at 8 a.m. worship this week: currently we’re scheduling music the first Sunday of each month. (Would you like it more often? Less often? We’re open to change, if that’s called for!)

Bob Judd
Sunday’s Announcements

TODAY, September 14 We welcome The Rev. Bennett Barnes as celebrant for the 10:30 service. The Rector is hosting the Church School brunch with Jane Burke.

Family Eucharist. You and Your Family Are Invited to St. Paul’s This Sunday for…. A Feast! At 9:30am Family Eucharist we’ll learn about forgiveness as Jesus teaches us to forgive 70 x 7 times! (Matthew 18:21-35). We’ll gather around the Table, sing, pray and feast on the bread and the wine. AFTER THAT…. We’ll go together to the Great Hall for one of God’s stories followed by a feast of eggs, breakfast breads, fruit, yogurt and juice. It will be a time to enjoy each other and meet the teachers and other parents. Learn about new classes and bible stories and all the wonderful things planned in the coming months. www.stpaulsmaine.org. “Friend” us on Facebook.

Mid-afternoon. High School Youth Picnic. Tim and Michaelanne Banks have offered their home and watercraft for one more picnic gathering before fall sets in. Please let Myrna or Hugh know if you can attend.

Tuesday, September 16 The Women’s Bible Study has resumed its meeting on Tuesdays. At 12 noon we share bag lunches and at 12:30 the study begins. We are presently focusing on the Book of Psalms. Bring in your favorite psalm and tell why it has meant so much to you. Anne Street 449-0409, Lil Heyda 353-8723.

Sunday, September 21, 12:30 p.m. Earth Matters! Please join us in ringing a bell for earth, a local witness in recognition of Peoples’ Climate March in New York City on this date. We will gather at First Parish Church. At 12:30 there will be earth prayers from various traditions alternating with silence then at 1 p.m. – ringing bell 350 times (It would be grand if it were with 350 people.) Earth Care and the Three Churches Earth Care, Bronda Niese 443-8613

September 21. First day of church school.


Sunday, September 28, 9:30-10:15 The Adult Formation Forum Series “Today’s Prophets: Who Are They?” begins with the Rev. Mary Ann Hoy. She will be followed on October 5 by the Rev. Chick Carroll, on November 16 by the Rev. Ben Barnes, and on December 14 by the Rev. Bob Patterson. Each of the presenters will discuss the questions of whether God is raising up new prophets today and what the characteristics of a prophet are in their opinion. They have each picked a modern-day prophet to speak about, but you’ll have to attend each of the forums to find out who that is.

Monday, September 29, 7 p.m. New Monthly Book Gathering for Women. Please bring your thoughts and ideas for great reading to our first organizational meeting of our new book club. We will meet on Monday, September 29th at the church at 7 p.m. We will firm up meeting dates and times through the end of the year, and hear suggestions for how to choose titles, discuss ways to find them, how best to discuss them, etc. A suggestion for the first book is The Red Tent, a wonderful book about women of the Bible by Anita Diamant. Perhaps we can call our group The Red Tent Book Club. This is all negotiable, good women! If you can not make it to the first meeting or have questions, please contact Tobey Lee at 406-2954. Read on!

Thursday, October 2, 4:00 p.m. Writing a Spiritual Memoir. Writing is a wonderful way to keep track of where we’ve been and where we’re going. Writing clarifies; writing helps us discover. Writing can also be an act of prayer, deepening our relationship with the Holy by helping us better understand God’s role in our lives. Beginning on Thursday, October 2nd and running for the next five weeks from 4:00-5:30 p.m. in the Library at St Paul’s, we will discover, examine, and share some of the ways God as entered our lives and given it meaning. We will explore ways to “re-vision” our lives through image, metaphor, and story. You don’t need to be a polished writer to come! All you need is your story (the one you’ve been “writing” all your life), five Thursday afternoons, and a desire to put your story down on paper and share with others. To participate, please contact Rick Wile or the office at St. Paul’s, 207-725-5342.

October 6, 7, 8, 9 Sign up for Window Dresser Build! The Frontline Committee, Outreach Commission and Earth Care Commission are joining together to complete a Window Dresser Build. This is a fantastic opportunity to join with St. Paul parishioners as well as people from the community to provide insulating window inserts that will reduce fuel costs and help keep people warmer during winter months. It’s only 4 hours of your time! Each day there will be two shifts of volunteers. The first shift is from 8:15 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The second shift is from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. It’s easy to sign up. Please email michaelannebanks@gmail.com or call 729-6592. We also need snacks and treats. There is a sign up sheet in the great hall for donation of cookies or other goodies to “encourage” the volunteers during the week.


Ready, Set, Go to Learn! is still collecting back to school items through the Adoptive, Foster and Kinship Families of Maine. They provide school supplies, a back pack, 2 school outfits, personal care items and a winter coat to children in out of home placements statewide. Bins may be found in the Great Hall.

Electronic Giving – “I Give Electronically” cards are now available in the pews. If you give electronically, please feel free to take one and put it into the collection plate for a blessing. And, again, thanks for pledging electronically. It really is easy and it really does help.

Do we have your plates? Terry and James Howell have appreciated your gifts of food! Now they are left with many plates, dishes, etc. with no names on them. If you have left a plate for the Howell’s please call them at 729-9306, to make arrangements to pick them up. Thank You.

Christmas in September? Not exactly, but it is time to start collecting items from the woods, fields and gardens. If you have any dried seed pods, grasses, pine cones, etc. please save them for use in decorating St. Paul’s wreaths for our Christmas Fair. You may drop them off at St. Paul’s church and either Nancy or Jo will pick them up. Or call/e-mail Nancy at 777-5665 or nancyw@usm.maine.edu.

Parish Prayer Requests
Please call the parish office if you would like a name to be placed on the prayer list. The names will be removed after three months, unless otherwise notified.
For Postulants and Candidates in the process of Holy Orders in the Diocese of Maine. For all Christian Formation and Sunday School programs as they start up this fall. The congregation of St. Michael’s in Auburn. Pray for our Companion Diocese of Haiti. Pray for Patrick, Jason, Benjamin and Anderson, all in the military. We pray for church school teachers, youth leaders, and parents.

The altar flowers are given to the glory of God in memory of Todd J. Follansbee on the 2nd anniversary of his death.

The white rose on the altar is given to the glory of God in thanksgiving for the birth of Thomas Shanker Nugent by his grandparents Tom and Pam Nugent.

A-I: Virginia, Cindy, Norma, Gloria & Ray, Barbara, Sarah, Patrick, Margaret, Terry, David, Ed, Dud, Donna, and Paul.

J-R: David, Victor, John, Bill, Anne, Carol, Ethel, Lisa, Charlie, Eleanor Rose, Tracy, Julie, Dave, Ann P, and Susie.

S-Z: Christy, Nancy, Mimi, Chris, Mathew, Mary, Tom, Lance, Dawn, Bob, Jan (Yan), Adam, Diane, Edri, and Margie.


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Fall Evening of Fun and Fellowship Friday, September 19th Blessing & Buffet starts at 5:30 p.m.

Come when you can!

 Fall Evening of Fun and Fellowship

A pot luck dinner and the gift of entertainment offered by our own talented people (that means you, start thinking about your talent!)             

Sponsored by the Annual Giving Committee And Friends


  • your favorite dessert, salad, vegetable or main course. (Please label ingredients)

  • the whole family.

  • your love of being together for fun and fellowship!!


Look for sign up sheets on the bulletin board!


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8-22 What’s Happening at St. Paul’s

A little over a year ago we announced that we had called a new rector to St. Paul’s. Carolyn began her journey with us in the beginning of November. Only nine months later, and it feels like this was a fit that was meant to be – that the Holy Spirit was with us, and with Carolyn, on the road that brought her here with us.

We were ready for a permanent spiritual presence, a priest for our congregation, a pastor for our members. We wanted someone who approaches challenges with optimism and a sense of humor, and shows open-mindedness. We were looking for someone who could lead us in developing a common vision, both inside and outside the church, the diocese, and community. We wanted a rector who would be supportive of open communion and to have demonstrated interest in welcoming new, younger parishioners.

We wanted a priest who would be open to exploring new forms of worship, especially those involving children and youth. We wanted a priest who would have a passion for the ministry of pastoral care, and would be an advocate for, and support outreach at St. Paul’s. We looked for a priest who leads from a place of empathy and heartfelt prayer, encourages and inspires others in the development of a deeper spiritual life, and who preaches with clarity, relating the Gospel to our daily lives.

The Holy Spirit was indeed with us on that journey, and God blesses us with the gift of Carolyn.

Now, as Carolyn departs on her first and thoroughly well-deserved vacation, it is with pleasure and some astonishment to realize how the Spirit has thrived and grown at St. Paul’s. Summer services, both of them, are fully attended; hymns sung with vibrancy. Our outdoor service in July was a success on several levels (accordion music, balloons, and wide-eyed passers-by on the sidewalk). These are examples of what we can see. Yet, there is more. Following discernment and prayer, the vestry has forged a path ahead for a long-term and robust commitment to Outreach. Our new Christian Formation Director has a fascinating program on tap for the fall – one example is story-telling with Ashley Bryan. Frontline continues to explore our role in confronting “The New Jim Crow.” Parishioner generosity enabled us to install a vapor seal under the church. Plans to improve the heating system at the Barnes Building are now being considered.

Yes, the Spirit was evident when we were in transition, and it continues to grow within and around us. As we enjoy summer’s last few weeks visiting family and friends, spending time on boats or at summer camps, or enjoying an evening barbecue on the deck, we both extend best wishes for what remains of the season.

And as we look forward to an exciting fall, our blessings and thanks to all.

Pat Ryan                     Paul Womer
Sr. Warden                Jr. Warden

Music Notes
Our service at 8 on Sunday begins with an organ prelude on the tune for “My Song is Love Unkown” by Ralph Vaughan Williams. I hope you will meditate on its sublime theme, “My savior’s love for thee; love to the loveless shown, that they might lovely be.” Our first hymn is “The church’s one foundation,” which supports our Gospel reading, declaring Jesus the solid foundation of our faith. The progression of verses is an excellent “sermon in a nutshell,” as well. It was written by Samuel J. Stone in 1866 with a tune by Samuel S. Wesley. For the gradual we sing “He’s got the whole world,” a spiritual that celebrates the global as well as individual, under the care of our great God. At communion, we sing “Ubi Caritas.” the ancient text set to music from Taizé. It may be translated “Where true charity and love abide, God is dwelling there.” Our final hymn is “When morning gilds the skies,” translated from an anonymous German source from about 1800. Its refrain, “May Jesus Christ be praised,” well serves as a constant refrain throughout our days! The service concludes with a setting of “A Mighty Fortress” for organ by German composer Helmut Walcha (about 1950). The tune is shaped ingeniously in a jubilant setting.

Sunday’s Announcements

Check out our website for more details! www.stpaulsmaine.org
Also on our website are the instructions for electronic giving. Please consider enrolling for a convenient way to provide consistent financial support to the church.Just a friendly reminder to keep up with your pledge this summer.

TODAY, August 24

We welcome The Rev. Mary Ann Hoy who is our preacher and celebrant today.

The rector is away on vacation August 22 through September 2. Please call one of the deacons in the event of a pastoral emergency.

9:30 a.m. Family Eucharist. Peter is the rock and he confesses Jesus as the Christ.

6:00 p.m. Wednesday, August 27. Celebration of New Ministry for The Reverend William Blaine-Wallace, The People of All Saints Episcopal Church, 169 Malbon’s Mills Road, Skowhegan, Maine. The Right Reverend Stephen Lane, Bishop of Maine, Presiding.

The regular Worship Schedule will resume Sunday, September 7, 2014: 8 a.m. (traditional prayer book); 9:30 a.m. (Family Eucharist); 10:30 a.m. (Holy Eucharist with choir).


7:00 p.m. Sunday, August 31st. Hymn Sing in the church with light refreshments following. Please come, and bring your friends! It’s an unstructured time to sing those favorites that you wish we’d sing more often! Phone Bob, 619-4642, for more information.

October 4. Save the date. Community story telling event featuring Ashley Bryan.


The Gathering Place, Brunswick’s own drop-in day center for those in need, is in need of coffee donations. Please consider making any donation you can by dropping it off at 84b Union St, Brunswick between 9-3 M, T, Th or F (or during winter months at St Paul’s on Wed) or calling 729 0288. The Gathering Place is a tax exempt 501(3)(c) organization.

Electronic Giving – “I Give Electronically” – To those giving electronically, thank you. St. Paul’s has a steady flow of income during the summer months when folks are often away on vacation, and the job of counting money is easier and faster. Many of you who are donating electronically have commented how easy it is – and there is no need to remember a check and envelope when rushing out the door for church. Some have asked for chits stating “I Give Electronically” to be placed in the collection plate on Sunday morning. In response, “I Give Electronically” chits that were in baskets at the entrances will also be in the pews. So, if you give electronically, please feel free to take a chit and put it into the collection plate for a blessing. Counters will see that the chits are put aside for reuse. And, again, thanks for pledging electronically. It really is easy and it really does help.

New Book Group at St. Paul’s! Starting in September, all women of St. Paul’s will be invited to form a book group. We will read non-fiction and fiction chosen by the participants. These meetings will be held once monthly and will be held in the evening. The first meeting will be informational, with time to share ideas for furthering our love of reading, and for meeting new and old friends. Watch for much more about this including contact information in future Sunday bulletins.

Dedication of the Unitarian Universalist Church. With great joy and gratitude the Unitarian Universalist Church of Brunswick invites you to the dedication of our new building at 1 Middle Street, Brunswick. Sunday, September 7, 2014 at 4:00 in the afternoon. Reception to follow. Clergy and seminarians invited to gather at 3:30 to robe and process. If you plan to process, please RSVP to the church office at 729-8515.

St. Paul’s Teens. Even though church school does not officially start until September 21, Hugh and I are planning to begin meeting on September 7 at 9:30, our usual time. On the 7th, we will be assembling the Haiti birth kits-there will be many jobs: decorating bags, cutting lengths of plastic sheeting and string, filling bags. Tim and Michaelanne Banks have offered their home and watercraft for one more picnic gathering before fall sets in-this would be mid-afternoon on Sunday, September 14. Please let us know if you can attend. On September 14, we will also begin our regular classes. -Myrna and Hugh

Christian Formation Schedule

September 6. 9:30 to 2:30. Retreat at Popham Beach. Contact Jane Burke for more information at janelovespopham@gmail.com.

September 14. 10:30. Church School Brunch, Great Hall. All church school students, teachers, and parents/grandparents are invited to come share fellowship, experience a sample of Godly play storytelling, and learn about what is happening in church school this fall. Jane Burke and Carolyn Eklund hosting.

September 21. First day of church school.

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8-8 What’s Happening at St. Paul’s

This Sunday, you will see a flyer inside the worship leaflet at both services describing how to give electronically at St. Paul’s. It is an easy procedure and I’ve enrolled in it myself. I now have committed my $72.00 per week pledge to be taken weekly from my bank account. I have found electronic giving to be extremely convenient.

There is also a “teaser” announcement on the flyer, “Watch for New Outreach Opportunity.” This “teaser” refers to an important action that the Vestry has taken to commit ourselves as a parish to funding outreach projects from our annual budget. The Christmas Fair has been our primary focus for outreach fund-raising, but it has not been part of our annual budget and the revenue has been difficult to predict from year to year.

I am very pleased and proud that members of the Outreach Commission proposed to the Vestry at our May meeting a commitment toward a plan to tithe giving for outreach that includes funding from the Christmas Fair plus funding from our operational budget that creates a tithe in three years.

The Vestry unanimously approved the following resolution at our June meeting. I want to thank the Vestry members and Outreach Committee members for making this commitment to reaching out into the community to support those in need.

Adopted 6/26/2014

“On behalf of the Congregation, St. Paul’s Vestry commits to fund Outreach at 10% of our annual operating budget by the year 2017. Christmas Fair net proceeds will continue to be restricted to the Outreach budget and will appear in the annual operating budget effective 2015. The Christmas Fair proceeds will be supplemented by pledge income in the annual operating budget beginning in 2015″

The resolution calls for us to have a goal of tithing at 10% of our annual operating budget by 2017. For 2015 we will aim for 3% of our annual operating budget (Christmas Fair proceeds which will be placed directly into the Outreach line in the budget plus whatever is necessary from pledge receipts to get there). In 2016 we will aim for 6%, and in 2017, 10%.

We plan to stress this resolution in our Stewardship efforts, seeking increases to meet our goals.

The actual percentages will be set by the Vestry during our annual budget process

Thanks to those who answered the call for Coffee Hour hosts! We now have hosts through August. Look for more opportunities in this ministry in the fall.
Music Notes
Guest organist this week will be our own Lois Kwantz. Our first hymn at 8 a.m. worship on Sunday is the classic “O God, our help in ages past.” This hymn was written by Isaac Watts and published in his book of Psalm paraphrases in 1719. It is a versification of parts of Psalm 90, the “Song of Moses, man of God.” Its majestic themes of God’s faithfulness and sovereignty, and our need for his continual protection, have provided comfort and encouragement to worshipers for millennia. At the Gradual we sing “Eternal Father, strong to save,” written by William Whiting about 1860. It is well known as the “Navy Hymn,” with its repetition of prayer for those “in peril on the sea.” Many additional stanzas can be found that extend the theme to land and air travel. (See in the blue hymnal no. 579, for example.) It is also a celebration of the Trinity via themes of water. The tune, “Melita,” was written for the navy text; its title alludes to the island of Malta, where Paul was shipwrecked but providentially saved (Acts 28). At communion we sing “O God of Bethel, by whose hand,” written by Philip Doddridge in 1736. It is a prayer for protection and guidance, We conclude with “Praise the Spirit in creation,” written by Michael Hewlett about 1970. Its theme is the Holy Spirit, sent to lead us to mission, proclaiming God’s work and greatness to a world in need.

Sunday’s Announcements

Check out our website for more details! www.stpaulsmaine.org
Also on our website are the instructions for electronic giving. Please consider enrolling for a convenient way to provide consistent financial support to the church.Just a friendly reminder to keep up with your pledge this summer.

TODAY, August 10

We thank Lois Kwantz for being our organist today.

9:30 a.m. Family Eucharist. Jesus walks on the water. The disciples saw him walking on the sea and were very afraid. They thought it was a ghost! Jesus teaches us not to be afraid.

9:30 a.m. August 17. Outdoor worship! Family Eucharist and Baptism will be outside in the Pleasant Street courtyard. Please sign-up to come early to help set up chairs, banners and Table! (We’ll be inside if it rains hard!)


6:00 p.m. Wednesday, August 27. Celebration of New Ministry for The Reverend William Blaine-Wallace, The People of All Saints Episcopal Church, 169 Malbon’s Mills Road, Skowhegan, Maine. The Right Reverend Stephen Lane, Bishop of Maine, Presiding.

7:00 p.m. Sunday, August 31st. Hymn Sing in the church with light refreshments following. Please come, and bring your friends! It’s an unstructured time to sing those favorites that you wish we’d sing more often! Phone Bob, 619-4642, for more information.


Ready, Set, Go to Learn! Is a program offered by Adoptive, Foster and Kinship Families of Maine providing school supplies, a back pack, 2 school outfits, personal care items and a winter coat to children in out of home placements statewide. We also serve children in the local community through the Tedford Homeless Shelter, Sweetser, and the Independence Association, as well as kids referred from local schools. Last year we served over 500 children in need. As a result our supplies were nearly depleted and we are in need of school supplies, personal care items, underclothes, and socks for children ages 5 to 18. Look for an itemized list of items needed and collection boxes in the church the next month. Backpack filling workshops are scheduled for August 4-8, please call Tammy Cutchen, 208-0939 if you are able to help.

Many thanks from the high school youth group to all of you who have donated items for the Haiti Birth Kits, and to one parishioner who has given us a cash donation. We now have what we need of most items; we could still use more receiving blankets and infant caps, as well as infant toys. We will be collecting throughout August. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

Summer Sunday Worship Schedule
9:30 a.m.
Joyful, informal worship located in the “Upper Room,” centered around the Holy Eucharist with song tunes and words that are easy to learn and to memorize. The language of worship is the familiar “Family Eucharist” prayer. The homily is geared to teach children and adults the stories of the Gospels and aspects of Episcopal worship.

Please Note: The 9:30 Eucharist on the third Sundays in July and August, July 20 and August 17, will be held outdoors in the Pleasant Street courtyard. Please offer to volunteer and come early to help set up chairs and the canopy over the altar and keyboard!
(We’ll be inside if it rains hard!)

The church office is now on summer hours-closed Mondays, open Tuesday through Friday 8:30 till 2:00.

Please Note: On Sundays, the doors to the parking lot will be locked from the outside at approximately noon. As we have had too many instances when the doors remained unsecured all day, ushers will now lock the doors as a matter of routine. Exceptions of course will be made for events taking place on Sunday afternoons. And, nothing in this policy means anyone has to rush home – by all means, stay and enjoy the coffee and fellowship.

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