Bishop Lane will celebrate this Sunday at the 9:30 Family Service and 10:30 Eucharist. Macauley Lord will be the Bishop’s Chaplain. Bishop Lane’s biography follows.

In peace,
Terry Leitzell
Senior Warden

Bishop Steve Lane. The oldest of five children, Bishop Stephen T. Lane was raised in LeRoy, New York, the upstate town where Jello was invented. Bishop Lane attended the First Presbyterian Church, where his parents both conducted choirs.

Bishop Lane attended the University of Rochester with the intention of becoming a doctor. He soon discovered that he did not enjoy the hard science required for pre-med. He also had his first real encounter with racism and poverty when he washed dishes and mopped floors with black men and immigrant women at the Men’s Dining Center. That experience led him to surrender his college deferment of the military draft. Since it was the height of the Vietnam War, he was immediately drafted. This led to a two years’ long struggle with his conscience, his faith and his Draft Board, that ultimately led to Conscientious Objector status and a lifelong commitment to peace with justice.

As the Vietnam War was winding down, Bishop Lane needed a job acceptable to the Selective Service System. He found one in youth ministry with the Episcopal Diocese of Rochester. He worked in youth ministry for four years, and then attended seminary at Colgate-Rochester/Bexley/Crozer Seminaries.

Bishop Lane’s ordained ministry began at Christ Church, Corning, NY, where he served for seven years as Assistant and Priest-in-Charge. The next fifteen years were spent as Rector of Zion Church, Palmyra, NY. In 2000, he was called to serve as Canon for Deployment and Ministry Development in the Diocese of Rochester, where he served until he was elected Bishop Coadjutor of Maine. During these years, Bishop Lane also served as president of Province II, and a member of the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church.

Currently he serves the wider Episcopal Church as the Vice-Chair of the Joint Standing Committee on Program, Budget, and Finance and as a member of Bishops for a Just World, a small group of bishops who work with The Episcopal Church’s Office of Government Relations. Bishop Lane and his wife, Gretchen, reside in Portland and have three children and five grandchildren.
This Week in Church School
There is no Church School this week due to the bishop’s visit.

From the Christian Formation Director Search Committee
As you know, Kris Agudelo, our gifted Christian Formation Director, will be leaving St. Paul’s this summer. We have already begun work to find a replacement, and we hope to have someone hired by this summer. St. Paul’s is blessed with a large, diverse group of dedicated church school and parish volunteers, but after careful discussion, the committee has decided to accept applications only from outside candidates for the Director’s position. We believe a fresh staff perspective will infuse new energy into our already-thriving church school and will provide our talented teachers with the opportunity to share their wisdom and experiences, so that our program can continue to minister in meaningful ways to the needs of all our families and children. If you know of anyone who is not a member of St. Paul’s but who might be interested, please direct them to the position description, which will appear soon on the parish website. Thank you for your prayers and support in our work, and we join you in thanksgiving for all Kris has done to ensure that the spiritual needs of the children and youth of our parish are met.

This Sunday’s Music

This week’s music continues themes of the resurrection: hymns include “Sing, ye faithful, sing with gladness,” which conveys elements of Jesus’s life in a hymn of exuberant praise and a twentieth-century tune. At the gradual, we sing “Day of delight and beauty unbounded,” a new text to an old tune full of joy. At the communion we sing “Father, we thank thee, who hast planted thy holy name within our hearts,” another twentieth-century text with an old tune. Finally, we celebrate on our way out with “This is the feast of victory for our God”: a hymn that recalls the resurrection, and alludes to the great rejoicings at the end of Revelation.

The choir sings a reprise of their Easter offering, “Alleluia,” by Randall Thompson. If you liked it, you can find a number of recordings of it at YouTube. Here’s one. [ link to:

This Sunday’s Announcements

Vestry Search Committee update: The Vestry has some updates to our Search Committee Process. Paul Womer has agreed to be our Recorder/Scribe for the Committee sessions, along with Virginia Vincent who has been named the Chaplain. A Committee Chair has also been chosen: Carol Thomas will fulfill this role. Please keep all of us in your prayers as we move forward with this very important work.

This Sunday’s offering will be going to the Bishop’s Discretionary Fund, which supports a number of urgent pastoral needs throughout our diocese. Please make any checks out to St. Paul’s with “BDF” in the memo line.

Thank you to the members of the Flower Committee for the lovely floral display that enriched our worship on Easter. Abigail Manny and her committee are always ready to welcome new members who would like to join them in this ministry.

The Earthcare Commission will meet this morning at 9:00 in the library. All are welcome.

St. Paul’s is in its second season of hosting The Gathering Place in the Great Hall on Wednesdays during the colder months of the year. The Gathering Place is unable to use its current location due to building issues. We continue to host the Gathering Place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m., meaning that we have extended our welcome to the three middle days of the week.

Warden’s Office Hours: Pat Ryan or Terry Leitzell will be in the office Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon for a number of weeks. Please drop in, say hello, provide advice, or volunteer for one of the needs we see in this next transition period. Personal contact with you will sustain us.

Exploring the Word of the Lord: It is with great excitement that you are invited to participate in a new Bible study, Exploring the Word of the Lord. With the title taken from the words of proclamation made by the lay readers every Sunday, Exploring the Word of the Lord will meet on Sundays, 9:30-10:15, in the Library, beginning Sunday, April 21. It will focus primarily on the Gospel of the day, but, as the name of the group implies, we have the freedom to sometimes explore the Old Testament and the Epistle readings.

Exploring the Word of the Lord is designed as a drop-in group; no long-term commitment is required. No experience with the Bible is necessary, and the readings will be provided-you only have to bring yourself and arrive at 9:30. Everyone is invited. Pam Nugent will be the facilitator of the group and can be contacted at 207-737-2369 or We extend to everyone a warm invitation and welcome.

What do today’s young people think about the challenges facing our environment? The Earth Care Commission, to protect and preserve God’s creation, invites you to Students Speak II on Thursday, April 25 from 7 to 8:30 in the Morrell Room of the
Curtis Memorial Library on Pleasant Street. This program is co- sponsored with the earth care commissions of First Parish and the Unitarian Universalist churches and Bowdoin College. A panel of nine students, three each from Brunswick, Mt. Ararat,
and Morse High Schools, will field general questions concerning the environment. There will be an opportunity for additional questions from the audience at the end of the program. For more information you may call 729-8515.

Save the date! (And start thinking of your best soup recipes!) April 28th, after 10:30 worship, the Iona pilgrimage teens will host “Ladling for Dollars”–a soup cook-off. How does it work? Sign up to bring in a crock-pot full of your favorite soup on April 28th. That day after church, the kids will sell tickets ($5) to everyone who wants to sample and vote on a favorite soup entry. (And rumor has it that it may be possible to “stack” your votes by buying extra tickets!) The winner of the most votes will take home a little prize and a lot of glory. Please join us for this fun way to have lunch and support our pilgrimage to Iona, Scotland. Sign-ups for soup entries will be on the main hallway bulletin board near the water fountain.

Attention Parents or other Adults: Spring Clean-Up – Help Needed! Soon, the snow will be gone and it will be time to remove the sand and grit from the parking lot, and clean the lawn and garden areas of winter deadfall and leaves. In the past Men’s Group has taken on this task, and would be willing to help, teach or assist as needed. We are seeking one or more who’d be willing to organize a Saturday clean-up day of St. Paul’s grounds. If interested, please leave your name at the church office or contact Paul Womer (373-1020). Thanks.