The Rev. Carolyn Ecklund will join St. Paul’s a week early, celebrating and preaching on Sunday, October 27. She will join our delegates and alternates at the Diocesan Convention October 24-26. I am delighted, as is Carolyn, for this change. She is enthusiastic and very ready to arrive at St. Paul’s.

Alleluia. Alleluia.

Repeating the prayer from the announcement of Carolyn:
“Lord, we give you thanks for the Holy Spirit’s guiding of St. Paul’s and Carolyn to the common discernment that brings her here as Rector. Discerning the path of the Holy Spirit has not always been easy and the road has been long. Patience has overcome urgency; prayer has overcome unease; and faith has quieted doubts. We look to the Holy Spirit to continue to lead this parish as Carolyn joins us on Sunday, October 27, to celebrate the beginning of St. Paul’s future.”

In Jesus’ name,


In peace,
Terry Leitzell
Senior Warden
This Week In Church School
Students will explore Luke 16:19-31 and the concept of compassion. Our younger children (Lambs and Lions classes) will discuss the story of Lazarus and will create props to remind them that all people, regardless of age, can care for others. Our Eagles class and middle school group will welcome guest speakers from various outreach ministries here at St. Paul’s to assist them in identifying need in the world and generating ideas for ways to act upon it. Our high school group, after finishing a tremendous presentation of three Iona Services last week, will continue their discernment discussions regarding their group’s purpose and name.

Notes on the 10:30 Music
Sunday’s hymns at 10:30 begin with “Immortal, invisible, God only wise,” written by Walter C. Smith in 1867. It takes as its starting point a verse from our Epistle (1 Timothy 1:17), “Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory for ever and ever.” It employs the image of light creatively, reminding us that the brilliance of God’s glory can even blind us. At the gradual we sing “Open your ears, O faithful people,” written by Willard Jabusch in 1965, taking a traditional Hasidic melody. Its Israeli dancelike flavor is very much present, suggesting a dancelike mood; it reminds us of God’s word to us, calling us to listen! The text of the refrain, “Torah ora,” is Hebrew for “the Lord is our Light.” At communion we sing “Guide my feet Lord while I run this race,” a Spiritual that is a pensive prayer for guidance with the refrain “I don’t want to run this race in vain!” We conclude with “Ye holy angels bright,” written by Richard Baxter in 1681. It is a joyful and encouraging song of praise and worship. Its concluding lines, “Let all thy days till life shall end, Whate’er He send, be filled with praise,” are well worth singing every day!

At the offertory the choir sings Cam Smith’s anthem “You Are the Way,” a setting of the text that points to Jesus, Way, Truth, Life. Its mood is almost mysterious, hauntingly beautiful.
You are the Way, to you alone can life from death renew; And they who would the Father seek, Must seek Him, Lord, by you.
You are the Truth, your word alone True wisdom can impart; You only can inform the mind And purify the heart.
You are the Way, the Truth, and the Life; Grant us that way to know, That truth to keep, that life to win, Whose joys eternal flow.

The organ music includes Pachelbel’s Fantasy in D Minor (prelude), and Bach’s “little” Fugue in G Minor (postlude).
This Sunday’s Announcements

We welcome the Rev. Mary Ann Hoy as celebrant this morning.

Small group ministry is very strong here in St. Paul’s. The Vestry would like to celebrate these vital ministries. At the time of the Birthday Prayer, members of one of the small groups will be asked to come forward. This Sunday we celebrate the Ministry of the Junior Choir. All who are a part of this Ministry, please come forward along with those celebrating birthdays and anniversaries.

Season of Angels The Ven. Mary Lee Wile will be reading from her book Season of Angels at the Family Service this morning and as an optional part of the 10:30 coffee hour. For more information on preparing for angels check out her blog Family Faith In Cyberspace.

Christian Formation Booklet. Please help yourself to a copy of the new fall edition available in various places around the church. Read about all the exciting programs that are planned, and mark your calendar so you don’t miss the ones that interest you. We have forums, a variety of smaller groups, and even a movie. Any questions? Ask Pam Nugent or the facilitator listed.

Sign ‘Em Up! A reminder to parents and guardians with children in the Church School or youth group programs: please remember to fill out Church School Registration Forms and return them to Emily or your child’s classroom teacher. It is important for us to have the information contained in these forms. Thank you!

Exploring the Word continues this Sunday, 9:30-10:15, in the Library. Pam Nugent facilitates the discussion for this drop-in group on one of the readings for the day. Enjoy coffee hour and stay a little later if you go to the 8 o’clock service, or come a little earlier if you attend the 10:30 service. No prior experience is necessary for either group. Everyone is welcome.

The Tuesday Bible Study continues meeting at 12:30 in the library. For those interested in fellowship and conversation, bring your lunch and join us at 12. The topic for this fall is the Parables. Each session will be complete and not dependent on the previous one.

Sharing and Caring Support Group will meet on Wednesday, October 2, at 1:00 p.m. in the St. Paul’s library. Please join us as we take time to share stories and conversation with each other during this autumn season. Looking forward to seeing you there. Barbara Blanchard, Susan McCracken, and Sandy Meyer

Wednesday Night Bible Study, 5:30-6:30 p.m., uses a study guide by John Stott, and facilitation of the discussion is shared by group members. We are studying 1 and 2 Thessalonians, come try this group out.

Praise the Lord! Adult Choir rehearses on Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. Come add your voice and join the joyful noise. FMI: Bob Judd, 619-4642.

Junior Choir rehearsal practices on Wednesdays for an hour from 5-6 p.m. All youngsters are welcome to come if they are in grades 1-8, no previous experience necessary – just a love of singing. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, Lois Kwantz, at or give me a call at 882-7825. The current choir members and I would love to have more voices join our group; we have a great time.

Blessing of the Animals In honor of St. Francis’ Day Please join us on Sunday, October 6th at 9:30 in the Family Service as we offer a blessing of the animals in honor of St. Francis. All are welcome to attend, and to bring their pets, photos or drawings of their pets, or even stuffed animals to receive blessings during the service.

Parenting as a Spiritual Journey This group will begin meeting on October 6th from 10:30-11:15 in the Library. Linda Ashe-Ford will be leading the group, which will follow the book of the same title, written by Rabbi Nancy Fuchs-Kreimer. (Don’t worry- no reading between classes is required!) The group will consider the spiritual aspects of seemingly mundane activities and will seek to re-envision family life within the lens of spirituality. Please consider dropping the kids off in their Church School classes and joining this welcoming and casual group.

Nametags As we greet Emily and prepare for Carolyn’s arrival, please wear your nametag. If you need one, a signup sheet is posted in the Great Hall near the kitchen window. Magnetic closures are for those who prefer them but these are not to be used by someone with a pacemaker or other implanted electrical device.

Do you love flowers? The Flower Committee is ready to welcome you. Members, working in pairs, arrange flowers for the altar and are generally scheduled for one Sunday a month. Unsure about the task? Abigail Manny, chairperson, would be happy to help you explore this wonderful ministry that enriches our worship. She may be reached at 725-9062.

Christmas is Coming! And the greens table will be looking for wreath materials. As you put gardens to be, please save dried pods, berries, shells, cones, any items that will be pretty on a wreath. Please hold in your garage and bring to the church to be used beginning Mon. Dec. w when all hands are welcome for decorating. Jo Belknap 721-8505

Thank you to the folks who have volunteered to be a junior choir chaperon. Several of you emailed me but several others spoke to me in church and I think that my memory has “misplaced” one of you who offered. The following folks are on my list: Abbie VanDoren, Kate Egan, Priscilla Rooth, Lenita Richard, Edyth Smith and (as back-ups/substitutes) Jo Belknap and Susan Tyler. If I have missed anyone, please speak to me again or email me (