St. Paul’s Family Eucharist & Church School
Bread-baking This Sunday
We’ll be reading from the “Adventure Bible” – Psalm 119:33-40. This psalm is about doing the things that are pleasing to God like following God’s commandments. Can you think of a commandment that pleases God?
The Sunday Gospel (Good News) lesson is: Matthew 5:38-48. Jesus is preaching the Sermon on the Mount. “When Jesus says to love our enemies, that doesn’t mean we should think it’s ok for somebody to hate us or hurt us. It means we don’t hurt them back.”



This Sunday, during the Family Eucharist that begins at 9:30 a.m. in the St. Paul’s “Upper Room”, we will be making Communion bread. Join us to hear God’s word (see the readings above) and travel with our children to the kitchen to prepare the bread for rising. After the Eucharist and during Church School, our children will begin to learn about the meaning of Holy Eucharist. Then they will bake the Communion bread. Next week, March 2, the Sunday before Ash Wednesday (Lent begins), we will share this bread with the entire congregation.

Your friend in Christ,

St. Paul’s Blood Drive Produces Results Despite Snowstorm
Even though the snowstorm was predicted, and it didn’t disappoint, our St.Paul’s volunteers showed up and assisted with our annual blood drive. Many parishioners even donated a unit blood. Many people from Brunswick turned out to give blood. Thank you St. Paul’s blood drive volunteers! The need for blood does not stop with snowstorms. Tom Moore the Red Cross coordinator reported that 46 units of blood were collected. Their goal was 50. They were very pleased with this result. Thank you, Outreach Commission and Bill Edman for coordinating the blood drive.

Notes on Sunday’s Music
Sunday’s 10:30 music begins with a suite by a little-known French composer from the late seventeenth century. Our first hymn is “Christ is made the sure foundation,” an ancient Latin hymn set to music by Purcell. It draws us in to worship through focus on Jesus, our foundation.

At the offertory, the choir together with soloist Lois Kwantz sings a setting by Vaughan Williams of a text by George Herbert:”Love Bade Me Welcome.” This beautiful and evocative piece draws us to a sense of humility, worship, and gratitude for God’s love, especially emphasized in communion. During communion we sing the hymn “As we gather at your Table,” written by Carl Daw about 1990. It too emphasizes God’s love and the feast that is communion. Our final hymn is “When Christ was lifted from the earth,” written by Brian Wren about 1980. It sings the theme of Jesus’s worldwide call, invitation, and acceptance.

The postlude is a sixteenth-century canzona, cheerful and spirited, by Andrea Gabrieli, organist at St. Mark’s Venice.

Bob Judd, Music Director
Ashes to Go
Can you imagine offering the gift of touch and the gift of ashes to folks who may have not experienced it for many years, or perhaps ever? Be a volunteer to offer this gift on Ash Wednesday.

For the last few years Episcopal churches around the country have been offering ashes on Ash Wednesday on the streets of their communities and neighborhoods. Known as “Ashes to Go”, it has spread to Maine in the last two years, especially in Portland. And this year we will be offering ashes on Ash Wednesday in Brunswick. The program is being put together by the Deacons, Mary Lee and Chick.

We will work in two teams in four locations in Brunswick, with a deacon and a lay person on each team. Our locations will be at places throughout the downtown area. As we will be at these venues at different times of the day, we will have the opportunity for a total of four or five volunteers to be a part of these teams. The maximum time commitment will be no more than an hour and a half.

People who have been part of Ashes to Go in Portland report the experience to have been very moving, as people who may have drifted away from church years before find the experience to be a powerful one. As one woman said, “I’ve wanted to do this for years, but until now I was afraid. What a gift.”

Be a part of this gift. Join the Ashes to Go team this Ash Wednesday. See Mary Lee or Chick to join.

The Rev. Chick Carroll

This Sunday’s Announcements

Middle School Youth Event. Friday to Sunday Feb 28-March 2. St. Paul’s will host the Winter Middle School Event for Maine Episcopal Youth and their friends. As hosts there opportunities to volunteer; cooking and transportation in particular, and most importantly invite any middle schoolers that you know! If you are interested in learning more or are willing to help, talk with Susan Tyler at 841-1380 or email at All are invited to the closing worship at 1:00 p.m. on March 2.

Exploring the Word. Exploring the Word bible study will not meet today. We will resume next week, March 2 at 9:30 a.m.

The Winter Gardening Workshop. Today at 2:00 p.m. Vegetable Gardening ‘304’ with Master Gardeners Linton Studdiford and Nan Curtis. Topics covered include: Constructing a raised bed hoop house and starting seeds inside. Sponsored by the Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust’s Tom Settlemire Community Garden. Free and open to the public, held in St. Paul’s Great Hall.

Sharing and Caring Support Group. Wednesday, March 5, at 1:00 p.m. The small group, which offers support to caregivers and those living with grief, will meet in the St. Paul’s library immediately following the noon Ash Wednesday Service. Please join us to share reflections, stories, and conversation as we prepare for the Lenten Season. Looking forward to seeing you there. Barbara Blanchard, Susan McCracken, and Sandy Meyer.

Parenting as a Spiritual Journey, Part 2. Please join Linda Ashe-Ford for a continuing conversation about the spiritual journey you take every day with your young children. This adult group will meet from 10:15 to 11:00 a.m. in the Library on the four Sundays during February. Coffee, tea, and simple snacks will be available for this time of sharing. Whether you were part of this group in the fall or not, all are invited to share thoughts on the challenging job of marking sacred time with those children in their care. Please be part of the conversation.

Lenton Books Notification. All 40 copies of the book we will be using for Lent, An Altar in the World, by Barbara Brown Taylor have been sold. We have not had any inquiries from anyone who failed to buy a copy but would like one, so we have decided not to place a second order. The book is readily available from Amazon, and I am sure Gulf of Maine bookstore can easily order a copy if you feel you missed out. Reading the book is not a prerequisite for attending the Lenten program, but it’s a wonderful book and you will probably get more out of our five-week study and sharing if you have read it. If you purchase a copy on your own, please check in the office for the handy-dandy bookmarks that list all the program dates and the facilitators; help yourself–we have lots of those.

Earthcare Commission. Butterfly notecards are available for purchase in the church office, five for $5.00. Proceeds to benefit the Earthcare Commission.

Nametags. Please wear your nametag. If you need one, a signup sheet is posted in the Great Hall near the kitchen window. Magnetic closures are for those who prefer them but these are not to be used by someone with a pacemaker or other implanted electrical device.