This Sunday at St. Paul’s, we’ll gather as a Body of Christ to celebrate the strength and joy of the coming of Christ’s Spirit. The Day of Pentecost is the post-Easter pinnacle of the Christian faith: the People of God in all our beautiful diversity, and of all the nations, gather together to symbolize the Body of Christ, the Church.

The gathering in Jerusalem, described in the Book of Acts is when all the Jewish pilgrims and proselytes were making their journey to the Temple to observe the harvest festival which celebrated God’s covenant with Moses. When the Spirit came with a mighty force, the people began to speak in their own native tongue…and they could understand each other! God’s community is formed in the Spirit when we communicate with each other and really hear and understand our brothers and sisters in Christ!

The Sacrament of Holy Baptism is a symbol of the power of Christ’s Spirit. It is one of two Sacraments that Christ gave to his Church, the other one being the Holy Eucharist. By way of this once-in-a-lifetime Sacrament, each person is initiated into Christ’s Body and we, who are the Church, promise to welcome and form each initiate in the faith.

Therefore, please rejoice with us as we pray for Lucas Hartman and Jaden Nicita who will be baptized this Sunday. They will be received into St. Paul’s, the Household of God. And please give thanks for Sean Webster who will recommit himself into the Christian faith.

Finally, St. Paul’s keeps our baptismal promise to form our children in the faith, by “continuing the apostle’s teaching and fellowship” by our program of Christian Education and Junior Choir. We thank all of our teachers, parents and musicians for their dedication to our children. After 10:30 worship, drop by the Christian Formation end-of-year cookout and say “thank you!”

See you in church!

P.S. Red, red, red is the color of the fire of the Holy Spirit for the Day of Pentecost! We’ll be awash in red on Sunday!

In remembrance of the 70th Anniversary of D-Day today, let us pray,
For Heroic Service (BCP, p. 839)
O Judge of the nations, we remember before you with grateful hearts the men and women of our country who in the day of decision ventured much for the liberties we now enjoy. Grant that we may not rest until all the people of this land share the benefits of true freedom and gladly accept its disciplines. This we ask in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Music Notes
Music in observation of Pentecost on Sunday begins with a prelude by Pachelbel (south German, d. 1706). Our first hymn is the ancient “Hail thee festival day,” written by Fortunatus in the sixth century. It celebrates many facets of the coming of the Holy Spirit. At the Gradual we sing “You’re called by name, forever loved,” written by Rosalind Brown about 1997. It focuses on baptism: God’s invitation and our response. At the offertory the choir sings Cam Smith’s lovely anthem “All-pervading Source,” with text oriented to images of the Holy Spirit: healing, life-renewing, truth-revealing. During communion Alfred Hipkins will offer a solo, “Spirit Song,” written about 1979 by John Wimber. This combines our baptismal and Holy Spirit themes: “Let the son of God enfold you with His Spirit and His love . . . Jesus, come and fill your lambs.” We also sing the hymn “Come Gracious Spirit, Heavenly Dove,” written by Simon Browne in 1720. It is a profound meditation on the Holy Spirit’s act of illumination, revealing both truth and Jesus the Truth, providing us with a faithful guide through life. Our final hymn is the spiritual “Every time I feel the spirit,” an enthusiastic reminder that the Holy Spirit moves in our hearts for encouragement daily. The organ postlude is Bach’s Fantasy in G Minor, which to me suggests the awe, even danger, of the power of the Holy Spirit.
–Bob Judd
What’s happening at Church School
Pentecost, June 8th
10:30 Sunday School
Last Sunday School Classes before Summer break

11:15 Sunday School Picnic
We have hamburgers, hotdogs and drinks. Please bring something to share like a salad, fruit, vegetable or dessert.

This Sunday’s Announcements
June 8

On the second Sunday of the month the plate offering is designated to the Rector’s Discretionary Fund.

9:30 a.m. Family Eucharist. Celebration of Pentecost.

10:30 a.m. Church School. Last classes before summer break.

11:15 a.m. Sunday School end of year picnic. We have hamburgers & hotdogs, drinks. Please bring something to share; a salad, fruit, vegetable or dessert.

4:00 p.m. Good Shepherd Church, 330 Maine St. Benefit for Rejoicing Spirits presenting the Celtic Echoes.

Friday, June 13 3:00 p.m. Pathway Vineyard Church. Rejoicing Spirits Worship. Everyone is welcome to experience this unique and wonderful way of praising God and getting to know some very special people in our community.

Friday, June 13 5:00-8:00 pm Second Friday ArtWalks continue. The Art Walk features artists exhibiting in multiple venues (St. Paul’s is one of the venues this year) with opening receptions and new exhibits every month, along with more than 25 musicians, and a variety of street entertainers.

Saturday, June 21, at St. Mark’s Church in Waterville. There will be a celebration of the ministry of Canon Vicki Wiederkehr who will step down from her diocesan ministry at the end of June. Worship will begin at 11 a.m. followed by a simple reception in the parish hall. In order to make proper arrangements for hospitality and food, the favor of a reply is requested by June 14.

Sunday, June 22 9:20 a.m. The Frontline Committee presents a forum on Prison Ministry. Parishioners Steve Thomas, Julia Walkling and Mary Lee Wile will talk about their work with incarcerated people.

Sunday June 22 6:00 p.m. Andrew Fiori, a landscaper who ended up creating his own nursery specializing in herbaceous wildflowers, ornamental grasses and select hybrids, will be giving a talk here at St. Paul’s. Even at a young age, he found himself fascinated with things like the winter statuesque beauty of seed heads and the delicate tracery of wild grasses. Moreover, he fortunately had a grandmother who shared and encouraged this fascination. His interest, keen aesthetic eye and knowledge as a plantsman about the hardy, robust, low-maintenance and, when possible, local plant material is not only exciting, but very much in tune with what is happening in the world of green or sustainable landscape design the world over. NYC’s High Line gardens by Piet Oudolf or the Centennial Gardens in Chicago are wonderful examples of this new wilder, yet artful, approach to ‘natural’ or sustainable gardening . We will get to see slides of actual gardens; learn about some of the principles and actual realities involved; and ask any questions we might have about how to do it? Where? Why? And enjoy together some simple munchies… or otherwise!

June 29th. All services celebrating St. Paul’s Patronal Feast: The Feast of St. Peter & St. Paul.

12:30 p.m. Vestry sponsored Newcomers Brunch-Rector’s home, 43 Spring Street, Brunswick. If you are a newcomer to St. Paul’s or want to know more about our ministries, please join us. RSVP

7:00 p.m. Hymn Sing in the church.

The St. Paul’s high school youth group will be collecting items over the summer to create safe birth kits for poverty-affected pregnant women in Haiti, through an organization called Konbit Sante Cap-Haitian Health Partnership. This initiative supports traditional birth attendants (TBAs) who deliver babies at home in Haiti. The contents of each kit includes materials for a safe home birth and comfort items for the newborn baby. We need the following items to outfit the bags:
Small bars of soap
Clean plastic sheeting, to cut into
3 ft wide by 4 ft long lengths
Spools of clean white string
(fine twine is ok)-wrapped in
plastic is best
Packets of alcohol wipes
Boxes of clean latex gloves
Packets or travel containers of
hand sanitizer, like Purell
Newborn caps
Receiving blankets
(about 36 inches square)
Small infant-safe stuffed toys
Gallon-sized zip lock bags
Small canvas bags
Beginning on this Sunday, there is a box for donations near the parking lot door. We will also have handouts with the information about what is needed. Please look for this box, and donate if you feel called to do so. The group will set an August date for assembling the kits, and you are also welcome to help us with this task. Many thanks in advance for whatever help you can give!

Please Note: On Sundays, the doors to the parking lot will be locked from the outside at approximately noon. As we have had too many instances when the doors remained unsecured all day, ushers will now lock the doors as a matter of routine. Exceptions of course will be made for events taking place on Sunday afternoons. And, nothing in this policy means anyone has to rush home – by all means, stay and enjoy the coffee and fellowship.

Have yard work that needs doing? Several guests of The Gathering Place are offering their services, ten dollars an hour. Please call Chick Carroll 721-9245.

THANK YOU ST. PAUL’S OUTREACH. Autism, Asperger’s, ADHD are a growing problem today. Children with these sensory issues seem to benefit from weighted blankets to help them sleep. These blankets are very costly to buy. With families not having money we turned to St. Paul’s Outreach. They have graciously donated enough money to make blankets for the children in need. If you are interested in helping to create the blankets. No sewing experience necessary. Contact Nancy Johnson 721-3202. Please leave a message!!