About Us

Spiritual. Reverent. Joyous. Generous.

These are only some of the words I’d use to describe experiences that await those who respond to our invitation to find out more about St. Paul’s.

The third oldest Episcopal Church in Maine, we are a strong mix of tradition and new vitality. We have been welcoming people since 1844, and are happy to count you among them. I invite you to explore this web site to get a sense of who we are, all that we offer spiritually, and do with and for each other, and for people in the local, state and international communities of which we are a part.

While St. Paul’s is active in a great many areas, we have chosen to concentrate our resources in four key areas:
• Worship, Spirituality, and Music
• Children and Youth
• Serving Others
• Strengthening our community of faith

Beyond those areas we offer broad based care to those in crisis and need, and Christian formation and fellowship for adults of all ages. Additional centers of excellence within the parish include pastoral care, adult Christian formation and fellowship.

You’ll find that we are living into new space for worship emphasizing equal access to the sacraments as we all gather around the altar, memorable music from our choir and new organ, and classroom space specially designed to reflect the needs of children and youth at different stages of growth.

We benefit from a gifted staff and lay leaders. We value transparent, thoughtful, and resourceful parish leadership.  We are people from many backgrounds and walks in life. We enjoy being together. In areas that are less tangible—but no less important—the atmosphere at St. Paul’s is one of energy, warmth, team spirit and community.

We hope you will find, here, the community you are seeking for spiritual nurture and serving others. Please contact us with your questions. We hope to see you soon