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Scissors Lift Gone. New Carpets Shortly

by Paul Womer

On 21 March, the two scissor lifts that were a ubiquitous presence in the nave and great hall are gone. The stained glass cleaner, mentioned in the last blog post, has completed his task. That, along with the completion of the lighting, installation of the sanctuary candle chain, and painting ended our need of them. […]

Horsehair Soap and Elbow Grease

by Joan Carney

Cleaning of the stained glass is underway; should be done shortly. The solution used to clean the glass is a pH neutral soap, similar to that used to wash down a horse. As the cleaner noted, “That’s all it takes: horsehair soap and elbow grease.” The floors in the east transept and vestibule have been […]

Open Access Areas (Continued) and Lighting

by Paul Womer

Some of the valances have been reattached to the new LED ceiling lighting fixtures. As such, the lighting is no longer as harsh; it is dispersed up and around the ceiling and walls. Nave lighting again as a dimming capability for services such as Maundy Thursday or Christmas Eve. The other photos record the progress […]

New Open Access Areas

by Paul Womer

In addition to constructing a new center aisle, work has begun on the railings that will border the ramps at each end of the center aisle. Attached photos show the new railing posts before trimming. Two of the photos include extant posts to provide a perspective in terms of final style and height.

New Updates as of March 6th!

by Paul Womer

Work continues apace. The nave floor is being overlaid with plywood. The plywood will provide a smooth and uniform surface on which to install the new carpet. Other photos show the painters working in the nave. On 6 March, the rector, construction committee, funding committee and others met to discuss plans for a special service […]

New Paint- We continue to Stay on Schedule

by Paul Womer

Photos taken on 1 March 2019 show the newly painted nave ceiling. Combined with the new lighting, the photos provide a taste of what the nave will look like when done: bright and clean. Note the new central aisle: its smooth and solid construction provide a real sense security when walking on it. Imagine what […]

March 6, Ash Wednesday Liturgy

by St. Paul's

8-8:30 a.m.         Ashes to Go, St. Paul’s parking lot Noon     Imposition of Ashes and Holy Eucharist, Great Hall 7:00 p.m.            Imposition of Ashes and Holy Eucharist with Music & Choir, Great Hall

New Ramps

by Paul Womer

These photos show the newly installed ramps at each end of the raised center aisle. The ramp closest to the altar is partially obscured by plywood that protects the floor from, and distributes the weight of, the scissor lifts.

Work Update As Of February 20th

by Paul Womer

Work on the center aisle continues. The base structure to raise the aisle has been installed. Workers in these photographs can be seen preparing to install the ramps at the ends of the aisle. Later, the entire floor will be capped with plywood before new carpet is installed. Meanwhile, painters are prepping the walls in […]