Season of Renewal 2018-2019

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A description of the renovations performed on St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Brunswick, ME, 2018-2019. Posts include discussions and planning, efforts regarding funding, seeking approval from the church ruling body (vestry) and parishioners, and struggles to make the right decisions that kept with budget, faith, energy and carbon footprint, and preserving the atmosphere of an 180 year old house of faith. This blog was prepared by members of the construction and funding teams.

Work in the Undercroft

by Joan Carney

Work in the Undercroft As explained in the post “Carpentry Planning and Carpeting: Initial Discussion,” there were discussions on how to proceed with the painting in the nave. Moore Painting explained that it would be easier and less expensive for painters and others, such as the electrician upgrading the lighting, if an electric lift were […]

Carpentry and Painting Move Forward; Boiler Arrival

by St. Paul's

On 17 October 2018, Peter, Dana and Paul met with Fraser Ruwet to discuss his proposed bid for the carpentry contract. This contract concerns the repair of the undercroft superstructure and removal of the pews. We were satisfied with the scope and price of the work. As noted earlier, we received only one bid. G.M. […]

Removal of Old Boiler Begins; Work on the Stained Glass

by St. Paul's

On 23 October, Chuck Greenlaw and his team from Port City Mechanical arrived to begin dismantling and removing the old boiler. As a part of the job, a layer of protective paper was put down between the parking lot entrance and the door to cellar and boiler room.  The following photos show work that begun […]

Lighting and Electrical Issues

by St. Paul's

Lighting in the nave has been a topic of discussion for several years. Changing to LED fixtures would improve the church’s carbon footprint and, by extension, reduce its electricity bill. Following the renovation of the sanctuary and west transept (into a choir area) in 2012, there were requests for increased lighting in the west transept. […]

Carpentry Planning and Carpeting: Initial Discussions

by St. Paul's

One of the most basic skills, carpentry, remained somewhat allusive. Deciding what to have the carpenter do was contingent on several things: flooring support, pews, alterations to make the nave more friendly for the impaired. A fortunate benefit of considering use of a lift in the nave during painting electrical work was the requirement to […]

Vestry Discussions; Funding

by St. Paul's

After discussion between rector, wardens, and Peter, decision was made to outline the entire scope of the project for the vestry, the legal ruling entity of the church. Peter did an excellent job of breaking down the various components of the project. Each component included a range of estimates and order of completion. Information on […]


by St. Paul's

Despite floating a request for estimates to several painting contractors, only Moore Painting responded. There was no one clear reason for the lack of interest, but hints that the size of the job and the unwillingness to deal with lead mitigation might have been at play. Johanna Wigg (jr. warden) voiced legitimate concern that only […]

Heating System

by St. Paul's

It was clear that we needed to improve our heating system. The system that was installed in ca. 1995 when Codman Hall was razed and new annex erected. The old boiler has become a money drain. Because heating pipes run through the unheated nave, the system uses glycol in the pipes. Glycol is corrosive, facilitates […]

Initial Discussions

by St. Paul's

We should have started this blog much earlier. So, this post and parts of the others will be from memory and provide an abbreviated summary of events. Two years ago, more or less, Peter McCracken approached Paul Womer, senior warden, about the need to have the stained glass windows in St. Paul’s nave cleaned. He […]