Sermons by The Rev. Carolyn H. Eklund

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June 9, 2019: Sermon preached by The Rev. Carolyn H. Eklund


  Year C; Pentecost Sunday; 6.9.2019 Acts 2:1-21   Come, Holy Spirit, empower us.  Come, Holy Spirit, inspire us. Come, Holy Spirit, unify us.   Today is the day of Pentecost when Christians glory in the amazing power of Christ’s Spirit. We enthusiastically wear the color red to remind us of the “tongues of fire” […]

April 28, 2019: Sermon preached by the Rev. Carolyn Eklund


Year C; 2 Easter; 4.28.2019 John 20:19-31   Recently, I saw a photo of a restored stone-carved frieze on the exterior of the Lincoln Cathedral. Lincoln Cathedral is located north of London and dates to Norman times. It is one of the mostgrand cathedrals in England. I love this stone carving because it depicts the […]

March 17, 2019: Sermon Preached by The Rev. Carolyn H. Eklund


  Year C; Lent 2; 3.17.2019 Luke 13:1-35   “Everyone deserves to live and pray in safety and peace.” This is the slogan that the American Friends Service Organization, the Quakers, posted on their website Friday. It followed with, “We mourn with Muslim communities and we will work together to end white Supremacy.” Here we […]