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June 23, 2019: Sermon preached by The Rev. Mary Lee Wile


Gerasene demoniac June 23, 2019 So imagine Jesus has been going through the towns of coastal Maine with his disciples, gathering Christians from all denominations to listen to him speak from the gazebo on the green here in Brunswick. In the earlier part of today’s chapter in Luke’s gospel, he’s also been going from town […]

March 24, 2019: Sermon Preached by The Rev. Mary Lee Wile


  Lent 3, 2019           I AM (a God of infinite compassion, and high expectations)   Beware of desiring to encounter the living God. Moses turned aside to see the bush that burned without being consumed. “Take off your shoes,” he was told. “The place you are standing is holy ground.” So he did. We all […]

February 17, 2019: Sermon preached by The Rev. Mary Lee Wile


Luke’s beatitudes 2019 When I first saw that I was given Luke’s beatitudes as the text for today’s sermon, I got all excited. It’s about blessings, and I’d gotten to preach about blessings back in Advent in connection with Mary’s song. The fact that, in these beatitudes, Jesus connects blessings with poverty and discrimination seemed […]

June 17, 2018: Sermon preached by the Rev. Mary Lee Wile


  Scattering seeds When I picked up my granddaughter at kindergarten last Wednesday, she had in her hand a square of paper no bigger than a postage stamp. With tender care she showed me how it unfolded into what she called a “map” of how a flower grows. It consisted of three small illustrations of […]

Good Friday: March 30, 2018


Good Friday 2018 Mary Lee Wile   “This is love.” This day. This death. “This is love laying down its life.” That’s what John’s gospel – the one we heard just now — makes manifestly clear: Jesus chose this death; it was not forced on him. The cross in John’s gospel is not an instrument […]