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What is Seasons of Renewal?

Seasons of Renewal describes two important programs that the people of St. Paul’s have begun as we renew our commitment to God’s mission in Brunswick:

  • Call a full-time assistant rector for children and youth.
  • Move forward on a capital improvement program to address some of our building’s critical needs.

The two projects will strengthen our body of Christ for service and love.

Call a full-time Assistant Rector

The Rev. Peggy Ellan Schnack was called to be the Assistant Rector for Children and Youth at St. Paul’s. She joined St. Paul’s on August 14, 2018, as our full-time assistant rector for a three-year curacy funded in part by a grant from the Diocese of Maine. Recently ordained to the priesthood, she has been working pastorally and as a preacher, and is an Air Force Veteran of five years.

MOVE FORWARD ON A capital improvement program

1.  Exterior Painting 
The most obvious need is the chipping exterior paint. This is not a cosmetic problem. Paint protects the building structure from water damage. If the paint barrier is cracked or has chipped away, the structure is exposed and vulnerable to water seepage, and that may lead to rot and mildew or stain interior walls and ceilings.

Painting prep includes scraping, sanding, and caulking to prepare the surface. Because the paint on the 1846 church structure contains lead, the contractor must comply with mitigation standards. Workers must wear protective clothing and collect chips and dust in disposable plastic drop cloths. Access to the building will be restricted to doorways that are not involved; signs will direct visitors to the appropriate entrance.

When that stage of painting is complete, the contractor will prep and paint the exterior of the Great Hall and Office, newer construction where there is no lead paint.

Exterior painting will begin the week of July 30, 2018. The entire exterior will be painted before winter sets in.

2. Energy- Efficient Heating

The nave worship space is difficult, and expensive, to heat because of the age and design of the structure. The committee has been at work for over a year with contractors to develop a plan to provide energy-efficient heating for the entire building and to insulate the worship space, including the nave ceiling and the undercroft beneath the floor.

The contractor will replace the boiler and valves to improve efficiency and will install an undercroft heating unit and nave heating units to provide heat when and where it is most needed.

The energy efficiency work will begin sometime this fall and is expected to take no more than a week to be completed.

3. Interior Improvements

The committee concluded that there is no practical way to work on the nave ceiling and walls without removing the pews and erecting scaffolding.

Therefore, the nave will be closed at the beginning of Epiphany, and all worship services will take place in the Great Hall.

Contractors will remove all of the pews for refinishing and temporary storage. Scaffolding will permit the contractor to clean and paint the walls and ceiling, to clean and repair the stained glass windows, and to update lighting for energy efficiency and brightness.

When that work is complete, new carpeting will be laid and the pews will be reinstalled in a configuration that better accommodates those who require additional space for walkers and wheelchairs.

The interior improvements to the nave will begin on Epiphany Sunday, January 6, 2019, and be completed by Palm Sunday, April 14, 2019.


Financial Management

Each aspect of the capital improvement plan has received smart, responsible planning from the Vestry and the teams of experts they have recruited for advice and analysis.

Likewise, the Vestry did not commit to undertaking these projects without careful consideration about securing the funds to complete the work.

An early pledge of $30,000 enabled St. Paul’s to begin weather sensitive projects, such as exterior painting, without delay, before the start of the fund-raising campaign.

At its August 2018 meeting, the Vestry agreed to authorize the Treasurer to use invested funds from the St. Paul’s endowment as needed for immediate cash flow and have committed to fully restore the invested funds with dollars raised by the Seasons of Renewal capital campaign.


Motion: that the Vestry approve the use of unrestricted endowment funds, if necessary, to complete the Seasons of Renewal projects and to repay the endowment fund from Capital Campaign funds at four percent (4%) interest.