Lend a Hand

Lend a hand (or a voice)…

Simply being in church is a way to participate. If you feel moved to contribute in other ways, there are plenty of opportunities. People of all ages serve on the altar, in church during service, behind the scenes, or in the world. A warm welcome, training, and support are provided with all these activities.

On the altar: Acolytes help the priest during the service; Torch Bearers (often children) carry candles in processions; Lectors read from the Bible and lead prayers; Eucharistic ministers share the chalice; Lay leaders conduct services such as Celtic Morning Prayer in the absence of a priest.

In the church: Greeters pass out programs and offer frontline hospitality to new and returning visitors; Ushers help people find seats, assist in emergencies, take up the collection, and direct people at Communion; Choir singers lead the congregation in hymns and chants and provide specially prepared music.

Behind the scenes: Altar Guild members “set the table” for each Sunday service, faithfully and reverently caring for all the objects that are used in worship; Flower Committee members decorate the altar as well as the church during special seasons of the year; the Holy Folders fold our worship bulletins; Office Volunteers staff the phone and provide administrative support.

In the world: On many Sundays, Eucharistic Visitors carry consecrated bread and wine from the altar to homes and hospital rooms, extending our worship life together to include those unable to join us.

If you are interested in learning more about any of the Worship Ministries available at St. Paul’s, please email stpauls@stpaulsmaine.org, or speak to a priest, usher, or staff member.