77th Annual Christmas Fair December 7, 2013


St. Paul’s 77th Annual Christmas Fair
December 7, 2013 9:00 – 2:00

Lunch served 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Antiques, Handmade and Sewn Gifts, Fine Art, Wreaths, Country Store, Baked Goods, Freezer Gourmet, Kitchen Knives,Vermont Cheese, Complimentary English Tea,and More!
Free Pictures & Face Painting with Santa Claus
All proceeds benefit St. Paul’s Outreach Programs

Remember to plan to invite your family & friends to shop St. Paul’s Christmas with you!

Outreach update
The proceeds from the St Paul’s Christmas Fair go to support all the organizations listed below through our Outreach Commission. St Paul’s has a long history of seeding local initiatives that help those with the greatest need in our community and beyond. Several well known Brunswick organizations started right here at St Paul’s and grew and grew until they became self sustaining agencies. Midcoast Hunger Prevention Project and the Soup Kitchen began right in the Great Hall which was then “Codman Hall” before renovation. More recently, St Paul’s and several other Brunswick and Topsham churches started The Gathering Place, a day center that receives an average of 50 – 70 guests each day, many of whom are homeless. Without a substantial initial grant from Christmas Fair proceeds, TGP would not have gotten off the ground. A St Paul’s parishioner, Caroline (Bunny)Fazekas, volunteered to be the first ‘anchor’ staff/supervisor at TGP and last month was a recipient of one of TV’s Channel 6 ‘s ” 6 Who Care” awards.
Other recent ‘seedings’ have been to expand the Monday through Friday meals at MCHPP to include Saturdays. People are hungry on week ends too! We support a new group that helps kids that are in foster care with clothing and school supplies, “Ready, Set, Learn”. Warm Thy Neighbor, providng fuel assistance, now under The Tedford Shelter umbrella, started right here at St Paul’s in the last decade. Know that your Christmas Fair purchases are going directly to these and many other efforts. Consider, please, even an extra donation! We’ll get it to where it works!
Proceeds distributed in 2012:
• The Tedford Shelter – $1200 – Brunswick homeless shelter
• The Gathering Place – $1900
• MCHPP – $2000
• Trinity Jubilee – $1600 -Lewiston version of MCHPP, TGP, soup kitchen, more
• Warm Thy Neighbor – $800
• Oasis – $800 – Free medical services in Brunswick
• Haiti Relief – $800
• Episcopal Relief and Development – $800 – International
• Safe Passage of Yarmouth – $800 – School, food, shelter for Guatemalan dump dwellers
• Habitat for Humanity – $800 – Bath
• Freeport Community Services – $800
• Maine Interfaith Power and Light – $800
• Four Directions (Maine Indigenous Peoples Capitalization Fund) – $500
• Ready, Set, Learn – $500 – Brunswick

How to Help
Treasure Table
Complete your spring & fall cleaning and then donate your gently used items to St. Paul’s Treasure Table! We need what you no longer need or want!

Please search through your possessions at home and find those things that are still useful, but you no longer need or use anymore; make sure they’re clean and in good condition.

The Treasures Table features a very popular Costume Jewelry collection. Send us your jewelry that no longer matches your style! We will display and sell all of it! This is a very popular part of the Treasures Table.

Other great sellers are: kitchen wares, small furniture, vintage items, antiques, toys, collectibles, children’s books, current novels, small pieces of furniture, your (no longer wanted) fancy serving dishes, flatware, silver, baking pans, and many more items I’ve not listed. Please no text books or magazines.

Other details – Set up for the Treasures Table is Sunday, December 1st following the 10:30 service. The best time to deliver your donations is the week of December 1st. Duane Peck will greet you in the Library of the Church (where the Treasures Table is) Monday through Thursday, 9:30-12:30 and 2:00 – 4:00 and all day Friday, December 6th. All donations should be at the Church by Friday so we have time to price and display.

All proceeds from the Christmas Fair go to outreach. The Treasures Table sells (recycles) what you no longer need or want and then adds to the outreach fund. Remember to invite your family and friends to shop the fair with you!

If you can help with this fun table, please call to volunteer.

Bake and Candy Table
The Bake and Candy Table welcomes all donations of cakes, cookies, pies, breads, squares, and candy. We especially are looking for family traditional and specialty items. Our best sellers are candy, pies, and yeast breads. Please consider donating an item or two to us. Don’t wait for us to call you!

Christmas Café
Come try your hand at serving or helping in the kitchen, two different shifts to choose from! Don’t forget to visit our donation tree after each service to pick up an item for the café.

Country Store
The Country Store is looking for donations of homemade ornaments,cat and dog stockings, and other homemade goodies. (ie..pickles, salsa, premixed brownies and cookies in a jar)

Greens Table
The Greens Table is looking for wreath materials. As you put gardens to bed, please save dried pods, berries, shells, cones, any items that will be pretty on a wreath. Please hold in your garage and bring to the church to be used beginning Mon. Dec. 2 when all hands are welcome for decorating.

Click here for an order form or pick on up at the church.
Please note the deadline.
Workshops: Monday,November 2, Tuesday,December 3 and Wednesday, December 4, from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m.

Christmas Shoppe & Hand Made Table                                                                                               Christmas Shoppe & Hand Made Table Handcrafted articles with a Christmas theme will be featured at this table including placemats, pot holders, ornaments, stocking stuffers, towels, pillows, table runners and any handmade items. Louise Colburn /729-4421

Fine Arts                                                                                                                                                                     The Fine Arts section of the Christmas Fair provides an opportunity for people to purchase framed art, small sculptures, wood carvings, and hand made ornaments. Artists from St Paul’s and their friends donate their work to be sold at well below gallery prices so that their friends may own them or give them as gifts. We also sell pictures that are used but still nice. The writers of St Paul’s are included, and their books are signed, making them especially personal.

Knits & Stitches Table
Calling all craft people! Please grab those knitting needles, a crochet hook,
or fabric and enjoy making items for our table at the fair. Need yarn patterns.
ideas? Call the church office.