Window Dressers Is Coming to St Paul’s Feb.16

Earth Care Commission is excited to announce that Window Dressers(WD) Is Coming to St Paul’s Episcopal Church in Brunswick!

Window Dressers, a non-profit organization operating out of Rockland, has created a system that helps Mainers keep warmer and save heating dollars while protecting the environment by reducing CO2 emissions. Frank Mundo, Co-founder and vice president of Window Dressers, will explain the WD System and show us how we can help the people in the Brunswick area and the environment.

WD are helping Mainers and the Environment one window at a time.  Inserts will chop heating bills 10-25% each season, install easily, pop out in the spring, remain crystal clear, last  for years and cost $15 for an average window; pay back in a few months.  WD will conduct a free window evaluation, do all required measurements and provide a free, firm cost quote. Customers pay only the cost of materials.

The WD system results in the construction and installation of low cost, high quality interior storm windows. Volunteers from the community help keep the cost low by performing the less technical part of the construction. Although these windows can help in any home, WD and their community partners try to place at least 30% of the windows in homes that qualify for the low income price of $10 for the entire home.

St Paul’s Earth Care Commission, cooperating with other area churches and organizations, is committed to a community build led by WD, that will result in several hundred interior storm windows being ready for installation in the Brunswick Area prior to next winter’s heating season.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS:  Feb 16, 2014, 3:00 PM Great Hall of St. Paul’s

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To sign up now for measurements call:  207-356-2833 after 10:00 A.M.

FMI:   Call  Dick Brautigam 207-408-5974