Green Landscaping, Sunday June 22 at 6 pm

Andrew Fiori, a landscaper who ended up creating his own nursery specializing in herbaceous wildflowers, ornamental grasses and select hybrids, will be giving a talk here at St. Paul’s. Even at a young age, he found himself fascinated with things like the winter statuesque beauty of seed heads and the delicate tracery of wild grasses. Moreover, he fortunately had a grandmother who shared and encouraged this fascination. His interest, keen aesthetic eye and knowledge as a plantsman about the hardy, robust, low-maintenance and, when possible, local plant material is not only exciting, but very much in tune with what is happening in the world of green or sustainable landscape design the world over. NYC’s High Line gardens by Piet Oudolf or the Centennial Gardens in Chicago are wonderful examples of this new wilder, yet artful, approach to ‘natural’ or sustainable gardening . We will get to see slides of actual gardens; learn about some of the principles and actual realities involved; and ask any questions we might have about how to do it? Where? Why? And enjoy together some simple munchies… or otherwise!