Oct.4-The Telling Room offering Workshop

“We Are Born of Cast-off Pieces” Puppets, Poems, Masks

A Brunswick Community Forum on the Art of Story-Telling Featuring Ashley Bryan

  “We paint, we write poetry and we express ourselves out of our desire to bring people together in a way that goes beyond who we are as individuals,” so says Ashley Bryan, artist, story-teller, and award-winning creator of children’s books who will be the featured presenter at a community story-telling forum Saturday, October 4. 9:30am to 3:30am

telling roomFor those interested in learning to tell their story, The Telling Room will be among those offering workshops.

The Telling Room is a nonprofit writing center in Portland, Maine, dedicated to the idea that children and young adults are natural storytellers.

Molly Haley, Director of Multimedia, one of the workshop presenters.

Focused on young writers ages 6 to 18, they seek to build confidence, strengthen literacy skills, and provide real audiences for our students. They believe that the power of creative expression can change our communities and prepare our youth for future success.

For more information on The Telling Room visit www.tellingroom.org

For more information on the event please visit www.stpaulsmaine.org

Ashley Bryan

Ashley Bryan