Nancy Keating – Giving Moment 10-5

heartGood morning! My name is Nancy Keating and I’m happy to be chair of this year’s annual Giving Committee (formerly known as the Stewardship Committee).

This year the committee is introducing a new feature that we’re calling Giving Moments, Giving Moments will take place at every service, every Sunday from now until November 30 which will be Ingathering Sunday, the day your monetary pledges to St. Paul’s will be blessed at the altar.

Giving Moments will be short, sixty seconds; the length of a commercial on TV. They will be testimonials from members of the congregation on the subject of giving. They will be informational and they will be transformational that is, they will speak of personal, spiritual experiences that had the effect of a change in the speaker. Based on the first few submissions, they will be inspiring!

Another change in the way we approach giving was introduced last year – that is Electronic Giving. I personally opted for this way of giving, and I will promise you that it has changed my Sunday mornings. No more hunt for my checkbook before leaving for church … IF the checkbook is found, no more waiting for the sermon to write my check and then getting so involved in the sermon… well you know how it works, I hope you will consider Electronic Giving. All it takes is filling out a brief form which you can get in the church office. It’s completely safe and so convenient. I recommend it.

Thank you.