Movie Night 11-14; Weapons of the Spirit

Weapons of SpiritAll are Welcome! 

Weapons of the Spirit, shown twice by Bill Moyers on PBS several years ago, is a compelling documentary, the true story of a French people living in Le Chambon who, while unremarkable in many ways, were remarkable in the way they quite naturally lived out their faith in the very dangerous time of World War II.  The overall effect is a powerful and unforgettable film.  The entire farming   village of Le Chambon, with a population of 5,000, hid and helped to protect as many as 5,000 Jews from France and other parts of Europe.  Paul Savage, a French filmmaker who was born in Le Chambon during the Nazi terrors, explores the villagers’ courageous display of love and commitment to fellow human beings of which he is a beneficiary.    Facilitator:  Charles Arnold