OMEGA: Walking the Way to the Heart of God


The Rev. Robert Corin Morris, who was an incredibly popular speaker one weekend at St. Paul’s some years ago, created the material for this program.  He is as    compelling and brilliant on paper as he is as a speaker.

The program is based on an understanding of what Morris refers to as Classical Christianity.  Morris explains that this is “a recent term describing the main themes, teachings and spiritual practices of the Way of Jesus in the first dozen or so generations after the death of the last of the original Apostles [ i.e., John].”  Classical Christianity is transformative in the sense that  “behaviors matter just as much as the beliefs that back them up.”

OMEGA offers participants a rich opportunity to share their diverse experiences as followers of Jesus’ Way.  It also provides an accepting spirit in which to reflect on the biblical stories (for example, Adam and Eve, the Creation, the prophets), which are foundational to the life Jesus lived and the teaching he delivered.  OMEGA offers the chance, too, for conversation about modern realizations in the social, natural and physical sciences, biblical scholarship, and comparative religion.

There will be a small amount of reading (four pages) before each session that includes questions for reflection—the basis for group discussion, which will focus on shared experiences, not opinions.  The first four weeks will explore the following topics:  What Are We Here to Do?  What Goes Wrong?  What Is the Divine Conspiracy?  What’s This About Messengers (Moses, the Prophets, and the Wise Ones)?

When:    Four Tuesdays, November 11, 18, 25,  December 2

4:00 p.m.-5:15 p.m.

(After a Christmas break, the remaining sessions will take place on the four Tuesdays in January.)

Facilitators: The Rev. Al Niese and the Rev. Bob Patterson