9-11 What’s happening at St. Paul’s

In today’s message I’d like to remind you of two previously published items from the past two weeks:

First, our September issue of “The Messenger” is available and you can access it here. There is an update about the Music Ministry Director search that you might find interesting. We also have terrific articles about the many ministries going on at St. Paul’s. It’s a great issue. Thank you all for your articles and to Susan Tyler for editing it.

Secondly, please note that there is a brief questionnaire asking your opinion of summer worship. It can be accessed here. Please take a moment to think about our life together in worship. What was it that drew you to worship this summer? I’d also like to have your thoughts about a once-a-month worship for all of us together followed by a learning experience together. It might be called “First Sundays: Life Together at 9.”

Finally, I have contacted all our St. Paul’s ministry leaders to ask them to pray about their work together in our different and very active ministries; to celebrate your accomplishments so far this year; to pray about goals for 2016 and to think about and submit a budget figure to do the work God is calling you to in 2016. I wanted to share this letter with you so everyone can be praying and discerning what God is calling us to in 2016.

All our work is inspiring including the many bible studies starting up again this fall. I’ve had conversations with some of you this week about how scripture inspires you to live each day. You have even shared with me some very special verses that have helped you in times of distress. I’m so pleased to have these conversations with you.

Thank you for sharing your rich life in Christ with each other and with me. I’m strengthened in knowing what strengthens you.

One of my very favorite verses is from St. Paul’s Letter to the Galatians: “Bear one another’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” It’s one of my favorites because St. Paul goes to the heart of what “Life Together” means. We share our life in Christ together.

In lots of joy and gratitude for you,
You might be interested in this link from the Anglican Communion News Service statement by the Archbishop of Canterbury on the migrant crisis.


Music at 10:30 this Sunday

Processional Hymn
Earth and all stars Hymnal 412
Gospel Hymn
Before thy throne, O God, we kneel Hymnal 574
Communion Hymn
Will you come and follow me WLP 757
Processional Hymn
The Church’s One Foundation Hymnal 525
Choir Anthem
The Love of the Lord Joncas
Vs. 1: All that I counted as gain. Now I consider as loss, empty and wordless to me in the light of the love of the Lord. Riches and honors will fade, earthly delights disappear, fade like the grass of the fields in the light of the love of the Lord.
Vs. 2: Silver and gold have I none, no land to count as my home, yet wealth beyond measure I own in the light of the love of the Lord. Faith is the wealth I possess, finding its source in my God; faith in the promise of Christ is the light of the love of the Lord.
Ref: What more could bring us hope than to know the pow’r of his life? What more could bring us peace than to share in his suff’ring and death? What more could be our final wish than to live in the love of the Lord?


Christmas Fair

Christmas in September? Not exactly, but it is a good time to start saving seed pods, cones, grasses, dried flowers for use in decorating wreaths for our Christmas Fair. Drop them off at St. Paul’s and call Nancy Whitehouse — 777-5665 or e-mail nancyw@maine.edu for pick up. Plan on joining us on November 30 and December 1 for a great decorating party.


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