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Quiet Prayer Time for Busy People Wednesdays 12-1 pm

We are busy people, and the St. Paul’s that we love is a very busy church. I, for one, find that, in the midst of all my busyness, I need quiet time for prayer, contemplation, and meditation. In fact, some of the quiet time I need is spent not in such elevated pursuits, but just in a bit of day dreaming.

Our world is not always understanding or tolerant of quiet time, unless there is a defined purpose to it. Perhaps some of us want to be a bit counter-cultural here.

In an effort to offer an opportunity for such time at St. Paul’s, I suggest that in the upstairs room number eight, the period of 12:00- 1:00 every Wednesday will be a time of complete quiet. I hope it will be a time for folks to come and go as they please, for a part of the full hour, or for the entire hour as they wish, to engage in whatever form of silent prayer, contemplation, meditation, or day dreaming they choose. I will plan to be present for the first several Wednesdays, but the essence of such a time is that it will go on regardless of who or how many are present. There will be no instruction or organization— only complete stillness.

We will begin on January 6, and weekly thereafter.  If the room is not sufficiently large we will select a larger one.

I hope this will not be seen as another thing for busy people to squeeze onto their calendars, and that none of us will see this as an obligation to worry or stress about. This is only an opportunity to seek and perhaps feel God’s presence.

Chick Carroll