Saying goodbye to Jane Burke

Dear St. Paul’s Member,

Today, I am announcing Jane Burke’s departure from St. Paul’s as Christian Formation Director. I want to thank Jane for her work as Christian Formation Director since May 2014. I also want to thank Jane for sharing her gifts of art with us.

In her absence I will be working with the Rev. Mary Lee Wile, Myrna Koonce, Hugh Savage, Nancy Johnson and Macauley Lord to plan our full complement of fall Christian Formation programs for our children, youth and parents. We are dependent on the parents of our children and members of our parish for the formation of our children. I hope our St. Paul’s parents as well as others who have a calling for this ministry, will make the time commitment to form our children as followers of Christ. It’s one of the most rewarding ministries of our faith.

Please join me in giving thanks to God for Jane Burke’s presence among us and for the art and music she shared with us. We will miss her and we wish her well.

Yours in Christ,
Carolyn H. Eklund+