Carpentry and Painting Move Forward; Boiler Arrival

On 17 October 2018, Peter, Dana and Paul met with Fraser Ruwet to discuss his proposed bid for the carpentry contract. This contract concerns the repair of the undercroft superstructure and removal of the pews. We were satisfied with the scope and price of the work. As noted earlier, we received only one bid. G.M. Wild was tentatively interested, but because of personal commitments, did not react to the RFP in time. By the time he was ready to gather more specifics, the arrangement with Mr. Ruwet was set. Dealing with Fraser is a relaxing experience. He goes by a handshake and did not ask for funds up front. However, he agreed to sign a contract that keeps everyone honest, and the vestry and insurance company satisfied. The contract will not cover construction of handicapped-friendly center aisle until the pews and carpet have been removed, giving us a better idea of what would be involved.

Prior to our meeting, Fraser had discussed the pew removal, storage and finishing with Brian Bosko of Moore Painting. Moore Painting will store and refinish the pews. Brian later volunteered that he has worked with Fraser before and noted that Fraser has a reputation for honest dealings and quality work. Concurrent with the above, we also received the contract from Moore Painting that covers the interior painting and refinishing of the pews.

It turns out that removing the pews is not as difficult or potentially damaging to them as we’d feared. Earlier, Paul spoke to Ada and George Moore (no relation to the painters). George had been senior warden; he and Ada are good sources of past history. From them we learned that the carpet in the nave was installed ca. 1980-85. At that time, the pews were removed and refinished.

Work on the new boiler is set to begin 23 October, and last about two weeks. Initial work will be the removal of the old boiler and the (empty) oil tanks. The church will advise users that during this period there will be no heat nor hot water. In discussions with Fraser, we realized that installation of the auxiliary heater in the undercroft should be postponed until after the work is completed on repairs to the superstructure. The existence of the heater and added heating and electrical conduit would hamper the repair efforts. Peter will notify Chuck Greenlaw.