Removal of Old Boiler Begins; Work on the Stained Glass

On 23 October, Chuck Greenlaw and his team from Port City Mechanical arrived to begin dismantling and removing the old boiler.

As a part of the job, a layer of protective paper was put down between the parking lot entrance and the door to cellar and boiler room. 

The following photos show work that begun to remove the boiler. Also slated for removal are the oil tanks used before the church’s conversion to natural gas. Note the photo of the pumps. Pumps degrade from the outside to the inside. These pumps will be replaced by a single dual-action unit.



While work proceeds on the boiler, Portland Glass has moved in a lift to begin replacement of the plexiglass shields that protect our stained glass windows. The lift has been duly inspected by a neighborhood squirrel. All seems to be okay. ??

On the second day of dismantling the boiler, it has been dismantled. Only the platform remains. The boiler itself can be seen in sections of cast iron leaning against the wall. Each section weighs several hundred pounds. These sections would need to be heated before any heat would be sent throughout the church. Use of a more efficient structure is one reason why the new boiler will produce more heat faster with less fuel. The pumps have been disconnected and are ready for removal. Take a look:



After clearing the room, sections of the new boiler began moving in: