What to Expect: Prep for the Final Phase!

In preparation for the work to begin in January 2019, the Construction Committee discussed overall planning with Moore Painting. As the major contractor renting the lift, we suggested that Brian of Moore Painting act as a “Clerk of Works” to coordinate the players. It was a logical recommendation and a good choice. On 18 December, all of the contractors were assembled to discuss timing and walk around the site. The electrician (not selected at that time) and the insulation firm (I&S) were not in attendance. It was a good meeting that resolved several questions.

Some examples of issues resolved: Electrical contractor will remove vestibule chandelier during construction and later reinstall it. The Perpetual Sanctuary Light (candle) will be removed and reinstalled by Moore Painting. In the interim, the mechanism that raises/lowers the light will be repaired. I & S (later) advised caution regarding fumes from spray undercroft insulation. Decision was made that church operations will operate on a minimal basis during insulation installation. The nave will be sealed off during lead abatement, but this will not include the sacristy which will be available for use at all times. The organ pipe enclosure wall will be painted from the top down to a logical smooth cut-off. ServPro will clean Air Pods. Moore Painting will remove existing brackets in the ceiling that are no longer used. Contractors will coordinate with the church office regarding keys and entry issues. 

Insulation will be done first. The spray foam insulation in the undercroft will be installed in early January, before the work in the nave begins. Fumes will probably required us to vacate the building during its application. Installation of loose pack cellulose insulation in the walls and ceiling will immediately follow. (Note: As this report was being prepared, foam insulation was installed in quick order on 2 January. Prior to installation, the nave was sealed and equipped to create “back pressure.” As a result, fumes (that quickly dissipated) were never a problem.

Electrical work below is delineated with an asterisk (*) because there are two phases. The work listed below concerns the nave – something that needs to be coordinated with other contractors. However, upgrades to lighting in the annex can be done according to a flexible schedule, depending on the electrician’s availability and access to the various area.

Here’s a rough outline of the schedule:

Jan 2-3                        I & S Insulation          Foam in undercroft & cellulose in attic

Jan 6                            Congregation              Final service in the nave until April.

Jan 7                            Faucher & Moore       Organ pipe removal & protection

Jan 16 – 18                  Fraser Ruwet               Remove pews & carpet

Jan 21                          Moore Painting           Scissor lifts (2) delivered

Jan 21 – 25                  Hedstrom Electrical    Electrical rough-in*

Jan 28 – Feb 1             Moore Painting           Lead paint abatement (starting in vestibule)

Feb 4 – 22                   ServPro                       Cleaning (starting in vestibule)

Feb 25 – Mar 15         Moore Painting           Painting (starting in vestibule)

Mar 18 – 22                Maine Art Glass          Cleaning & repair stained glass windows

TBD                            Hedstrom Electrical    Electrical finish work*

Mar 22                        Moore Painting           Scissor lifts removed

Mar 25 – 29                C & S Flooriing          Plywood and carpeting installation

Apr 1 – 5                     Fraser Ruwet               Pew installation

                                    Faucher                       Reinstall and tune organ pipes

Apr 8 – 12                   ServPro                       Post construction cleaning

Apr 14                         Congregation              Return