Insulation Update

On 2 January 2019, I&S Insulation (known as “Itchy and Scratchy”) began the process of adding insulation to the undercroft, and in the ceiling and walls spaces of the nave.

Because the insulation in the undercroft is a foam that briefly emanated fumes during its curing, the installation team’s work was preceded by efforts of Dana and Hugh to seal the nave and create “back pressure” to keep fumes from leaving the immediate area of the nave and entering into other areas of the church. (Members of the renovation team entered the nave later that same day. No fumes were detected. Services were held the following Sunday, as scheduled.)

The job was finished the following week when cellulose was pumped into the ceiling and wall spaces. Accompanying photos show the sealing around doors and the fan at one window which forced air out of the nave.

The other photos show the installation team in the undercroft, working in the nave (balcony), and support vehicles (note hose leading from the truck into the undercroft.

The insulation will greatly improve our energy efficiency – complementing the new energy-efficient boiler that has already created a “toasty warm area” (words of one parishioner) on Sunday mornings.