Pews Gone, Nave Empty, Scissor Lifts Arrive

As of 16 January 2019, the nave is an open space. The pews were removed over a two-day period: 14-15 January. As mentioned earlier, the carpenters used considerable care in removing the pews. Each pew was numbered so that each can be returned to its original place. Because most of the pews used an adjacent wall for support at that end, they were equipped with a temporary support leg to provide stability and to protect them during storage and refinishing.

Accompany photos show the empty nave and the rector with members of the construction committee discussing the next steps.

(After pews were removed we found: lots of crayons, some pencils, a few palm fronds, and one or two seasonal donation envelopes. No money.)

Meanwhile, the pews are in the hands of Moore Painting. They’ve been sanded, lightly refinished, and resealed .

Above discussions included improving our handicapped access. Many have noted that the lip between the aisles and the pew-area has been a source of tripping, falls, and potential harm. Can we fix this problem? Fraser Ruwet suggested we replicate the design used for access into the west transept

install a similar ramp, prevent tripping over the lip by installing a fence, raise the center aisle to match the floor under the pews and create an area easily accessible to wheelchairs, etc.

Perfect? No, but better than before. This design would be replicated again where the aisle approaches the Pleasant Street entrance. We are not sure we can afford this change, but we requested the contractor to prepare sketches and estimated cost .

In other areas effecting the nave, the scissor lifts were brought to St. Paul’s on 22 January.

On that same day, the electricians arrived to begin their initial work in nave.

Lighting fixtures were also delivered .

Work in the nave is being done according to an agreed-upon schedule, but new lighting in the annex (Great Hall, office and classrooms) will be throughout the next months. Please remain flexible and be prepared for possible disruption.