June 12, 2020: Note from The Rev. Carolyn Eklund

     As difficult at these months and weeks have been for us all, I want you to know that I take heart in your goodness. I take heart that so many of you have contacted me with your desire to learn more about how to be allies for racial justice. I want you to know that after a meeting on my lawn last Sunday, distanced by 6 feet and wearing masks, some 11 of us decided that we would register as a parish in “Sacred Ground” a program of the Episcopal Church to explore race and faith.  Thank you.
      To reach our parish more broadly with the information, there will be a Zoom “Sneak Preview” at 1:00 p.m. of “Sacred Ground: a Film-based Dialogue Series on Race and Faith.” The link and password will be sent to you in tomorrow’s email. Please join us to view clips of the videos and learn the content of this 10 session, deep learning and conversation program that explores our nation’s history of Native American, Black and Latino people. We will gently and tenderly help each other learn about the racial inequality that pervades our country.
      I am deeply heartened by my neighbors. Just after the first week of protests there appeared on the streets in my neighborhood the sidewalk chalk drawn signs and hearts. I have loved walking my dog Sophie around the neighborhood and engaging parents and children in our conversation about how we wish to be agents of healing in our neighborhood and town. I share these photos with you in order to celebrate hope.

      I’m also hopeful in our future together in Christ. Over 75 of you completed the survey on our future as we move forward this summer in the unpredictable conditions of the pandemic. You are engaged and have given our St. Paul’s Future Planning Committee robust and broad comments. Thank you. If you have missed completing the survey, there is good news! We have extended it to June 16, 2020. Please click the link to share and send in your comments. [Survey Link]
      I continue to be proud and heartened by our work together to the glory of God, particularly in worship and in the many ways we are creatively meeting together. Thank you for connecting. Thank you for keeping up with your financial commitment to St. Paul’s and above all, thank you for your faith in our loving God, our hope in the future health of our faith community and for your love of one another, your family and our neighbors.
With the love of Christ,