Greetings from St. Paul’s & The Messenger 7.3.20

The Fifth Sunday after Pentecost  July 5, 2020

10:30 Morning Prayer, on Facebook Live 
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Sunday, at 11:30 am 
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Genesis 24:34-38, 42-49, 58-67 Psalm 45: 11-18        Romans 7:15-25aMatthew 11:16-19, 25-30
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Family Worship 
Sunday, July 5, 9:30 a.m. Rev. Katie Holicky will lead us in a time of song, prayer, story and sharing with our friends! 
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Parish Announcements
Daily Morning Prayer and Compline – Join us every morning and evening on St. Paul’s Facebook Live for Morning Prayer and Compline, 7:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.

The Episcopal Church, “Sacred Ground Dialogue Series.” As a parish we have registered for this 10 session film-based dialogue program on race and faith. The three groups are presently full. Please contact the Parish Office at stpauls@stpaulsmaine.orgif you’d like your name added to the list for the next group for later in the fall.

Podcast Series on Hope Faith in Maine offers a series of audio essays on the concept of hope by Rev. Martin Smith.   The series runs Monday, June 15 until Monday, August 3. Find Faith in Maine at http://faithinmaine.org/ or anywhere you download podcasts. 

Parish Office Staff Hours for June and July:
Beginning June 1 to end of July 2020 (Possibly August, provided no one tests positive and the outbreaks in our area reduce).
Day Time Staff member
Monday Building closed
Tuesday Noon – 4 pm Susan Tyler
Wednesday 10 am – 2 pm The Rev. Carolyn Eklund
Thursday 10 am – 2 pm The Rev. Katie Holicky
Friday10  am- Noon Carolyn Farr
Noon – 2 pm The Rev. Carolyn Eklund
Saturday & Sunday Building closed

Precautions to Observe While you are in the building of St. Paul’s
We want parishioners and guests to be able to contact staff members in person while at the same time we take the Maine CDC recommended precautions.
The hallway off the Union Street parking lot to the office and the office itself are the only areas open.
Call or email the staff member working that day to alert them you’ll be coming and use the intercom at the parking lot door to call them to open the door when you arrive.
Wear a mouth and nose covering when in the building. We have a mask to give you.Use hand sanitizer to wash hands. (Restrooms and kitchen will be closed.)
We will provide hand sanitizer stations along the hallway off the Union Street parking lot.Please be sure to sign in.
Observe distancing precautions: 6 feet apart.
No more than four will be in the building at a time.
Prayer Requests
Pray for the congregations of St. Giles’ in Jefferson and St. John Baptist in Thomaston. Pray for Anderson, Andrew, Cedric, Jason, Michael, Richard, and all in the military.Pray for those who have died remembering especially Randy Barella, spouse of Julie Barella, Myrna Koonce’s cousin. We ask God’s blessing and loving care on the Sacred Ground Dialogue Circles and their facilitators. 

 We pray for: Christy, Mathew, Ryan & fami-ly, Ethel, Ray, John, David, Judi, Carolyn B., Nick, Bob, Linda, Kathy, Skip, the Black-burn family, Willow, Tierra, Bill, Ann, Susan, Jessica, Jim, Patrick, Bill, Herb and BobReeve, Victor, Travis & family, Ben, Diane, Nate, Elijah, Priscilla, Rick R., Alison, Garrett, Elliot, Marcia, Han-nah, Lynn, Cokey B. and husband Jo, Peter, Carolyn, and Patricia Melissa & family, the Hawkes family, Marnie, Gair, Sharon and family, baby Thomas, Jason, Peg & family, Annie, Sarah, Carole, Patrick, Liam, Arline, Franklin, Terry, Mark, Alan, and Ronda
Call or email the parish office if you would like a name to be placed on the prayer list. The names will be removed after three months, unless otherwise notified.
St. Paul’s Celebrates 175 Years of Our Body of Christ 
The History Committee of the 175th Anniversary is including weekly excerpts describing our church’s growth. Here’s the twelfth and last in the series:
Continuing from The Story of the First Hundred Years of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, “On the Roll of Honor in this present war [1944] the Parish has sixty-one men; and Miss Erswell in the WAVES, and Miss Ward, a Red Cross nurse. S
o far there have been only two casualties: Arthur Barrett and Arthur Bartlett, reported missing in action.” 
Thank you to the History Committee for this insightful and engaging series.
Spotlight on St. Paul’s Small Groups 
This week’s feature: St. Paul’s Choir

One of the small group ministries that has been active at St. Paul’s for many decades has been that of choral leadership at St. Paul’s. Membership is open to all who have an interest in sharing the Word through singing. Experience and prior training is helpful, but are only two of the tools that enrich and ease any member’s offering toward the sharing of anthems, hymns, and service music on Sundays, special Feast Days, occasional Evensongs, and seasonal times such as Advent/Christmas and Holy Week. The 3-4 hours spent in rehearsal, prayer, and worship build a sense of community like no other. As a microcosm of the parish, St. Paul’s Choir seeks to model in rehearsal, worship, and our off-campus activities those attributes of the Spirit that exemplify healthy teamwork, the joy created by joint effort, and the support shown when members have needs far beyond musical ones. The bond brought on by the amount of time and energy shared lasts a lifetime. During this time of Covid-19 St. Paul’s Choir has had to re-vamp how we blend our voices. The learning curve has been a bit steep, and we have a way to go. However, we are moving forward with our virtual presence in worship and use of technology. If you are available on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings, please know you are welcome to join those already singing in this special ministry. Contact Randy Day at randyday@stpaulsmaine.org.
Community Information 
The Gathering Place has re-opened in a limited fashion Monday and Thursday mornings from 8:30 until 11:30. A limit of 12 guests are permitted inside and masks are required. Guests may remain for one hour, after which time new guests are allowed in. Many infrastructure changes have been made to reduce the risk of spreading the corona virus to guests and volunteers. Snacks and beverages are not allowed at this time. Volunteers provide companionship and help with technology for accessing resources. For more information, please visit http://brunswickgatheringplace.org/

Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program
Our country is going through a very rough period now with the COVID-19 virus, high unemployment, and businesses not being able to operate at full capacity. Mid Coast Hunger is also going through a rough period. Many organizations, clubs, and churches that support their effort to feed the hungry have not been able to donate non-perishable items. They have had to use limited cash to purchase these items in order to meet the need. School will soon be in session and MCHPP will be feeding students whether in school or at home. We can continue to support them with donations. A check in any amount would be greatly appreciated. Please mail your check directly to them at 12 Tenney Way, Brunswick. Thank you for your continued support in this crucial time. 

Local Brunswick Support Resources:

Local Brunswick Support Resources: