Greetings from St. Paul’s 7.17.20

The Future Planning Committee met July 8 for a check-in ahead of the Rector’s well-deserved vacation.

The Bishop has reminded all of us of Christ’s call to us to seek the safety and welfare of our neighbor in our decisions about worship. We have been sorrowed to see how many church gatherings in other parts of the country have turned into “super-spreader” events of COVID infection.

As we continue to follow the news and recommendations from Augusta and the CDC, we are quite sure we will continue to worship online for the immediate future and perhaps through year end.

We continue to focus on improving the worship experience for all under current conditions. Having services emanate from the nave, increasing the use of music, and including more parishioners were among our immediate goals. 

      Use of the nave requires updates to our computer infrastructure. Thanks to a generous donation, we are taking steps to do that. Hopefully within the next 30 days: the entire church (including now the nave) will have improved and faster internet connectivity and two new conference cameras. We expect this will improve the quality of video and audio feeds, and we have employed our assistant rector’s spouse, a sound engineer with 20 years’ experience, to guide us through the process.

     Concurrent with these steps, Randy is working with the choir, individually and as a group, to expand the musical portions of Sunday 10:30 worship. The 9:30 worship is lively and filled with the Spirit, and blessed with music thanks to Susan Brown. Julia Walkling is coordinating the lay readers, and we are hearing from the congregation how much you love the range of faces and voices you are seeing in Sunday worship. Stay tuned for more developments – our adventure is far from over. The Spirit is certainly alive among us! 

      Our daily Morning Prayer and Compline services – which happen every day, Monday through Saturday, at 7:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. – are vital, and are here to stay. Thank you to our clergy who stoked that fire and have kept it alive all during this pandemic, and to the lay ministers who are helping to ensure the sustainability of this vital ministry.

      Meanwhile, as weather permits, small groups are using the memorial garden for meetings using the established guidelines. The Assistant Rector is meeting Thursdays with families and youth outdoors at the Church for fellowship and fun. And Jan DeBlieu and her team are busy planning the Christmas Fair for our current circumstances and have developed some exciting, creative ideas you’ll be hearing more about in the weeks and months to come.

    The committee will meet again after the Rector’s return. Until then, our wishes to everyone for a safe, healthy, and enjoyable summer. Blessings to you all.

Cliff Ruprecht, Senior Warden; Pat Ryan and Paul Womer, Future Planning Committee Co-chairs.

The Seventh Sunday after Pentecost  July 19, 2020
10:30 Morning Prayer, on Facebook Live 
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Genesis 28:10-19a       Psalm 139: 1-11, 22-23
Romans 8:12-25       Matthew 13:24-30,36-43

The Lectionary Page 
Family Worship Sunday, July 19, 9:30 a.m. 
Rev. Katie Holicky and musician Susan Brown will lead us in a time of song, prayer, story and sharing with our friends! 
Here is the link for the Zoom gathering.

Parish Announcements
The rector will be away July 17 to August 18. 
For any pastoral emergencies during this time, please contact The Rev. Katie Holicky.
Sunday, July 26 at 10:30 a.m. – The pre-recorded “Spiritual Eucharist” will be our St. Paul’s worship, offered by the Diocese of Maine. Join us as it will feature members of St. Paul’s and our clergy. This worship service will be viewable on St. Paul’s Facebook page.

Daily Morning Prayer and Compline – Join us every morning and evening on St. Paul’s Facebook Live for Morning Prayer and Compline, 7:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.

The Episcopal Church, “Sacred Ground Dialogue Series.” 
As a parish we have registered for this 10 session film-based dialogue program on race and faith. The three groups are presently full. Please contact the Parish Office at if you’d like your name added to the list for the next group for later in the fall.

Podcast Series on Hope Faith in Maine offers a series of audio essays on the concept of hope by Rev. Martin Smith.   The series runs Monday, June 15 until Monday, August 3. Find Faith in Maine at or anywhere you download podcasts. 

Parish Office Staff Hours for July & August:

Precautions to Observe While you are in the building of St. Paul’s
We want parishioners and guests to be able to contact staff members in person while at the same time we take the Maine CDC recommended precautions.

The hallway off the Union Street parking lot to the office and the office itself are the only areas open.

Call or email the staff member working that day to alert them you’ll be coming and use the intercom at the parking lot door to call them to open the door when you arrive.

Wear a mouth and nose covering when in the building. We have a mask to give you.

Use hand sanitizer to wash hands. (Restrooms and kitchen will be closed.) We will provide hand sanitizer stations along the hallway off the Union Street parking lot.

Please be sure to sign in.

Observe distancing precautions: 6 feet apart.

No more than four will be in the building at a time.
Prayer Requests
Pray for the summer chapel congregations of Trinity Chapel, Kennebunk Beach St. Ann’s by-the-Sea, Kennebunkport, and for all church musicians and choirs.
Pray for Anderson, Andrew, Cedric, Jason, Michael, Richard, and all in the military.
We pray for:
Christy, Mathew, Ryan & fami-ly, Ethel, Ray, John, David, Judi, Carolyn B., Nick, Bob, Linda, Kathy, Skip, the Black-burn family, Willow, Tierra, Bill, Ann, Susan, Jessica, Jim, Patrick, Bill, Herb and BobChristy, Mathew, Ryan & family, Ethel, Ray, John, David, Judi, Carolyn B., Nick, Bob, Linda, Kathy, Skip, the Blackburn family, Willow, Tierra, Bill, Ann, Susan, Jessica, Jim, Lollie, and SteveReeve, Victor, Travis & family, Ben, Diane, Nate, Elijah, Priscilla, Rick R., Alison, Garrett, Elliot, Marcia, Hannah, Lynn, Peter, Carolyn, Patricia, Patrick, Bill, Bob, and Paul Melissa & family, the Hawkes family, Marnie, Gair, Sharon and family, baby Thomas, Jason, Peg & family, Annie, Sarah, Carole, Patrick, Liam, Arline, Franklin, Terry, Mark, Alan, and Ronda
Call or email the parish office if you would like a name to be placed on the prayer list.
The names will be removed after three months, unless otherwise notified.
St. Paul’s Celebrates 175 Years of Our Body of Christ 
Work continues on items of warm clothing for The Gathering Place/Tedford Shelter. We now have 67 items in hand, or on their way to the office. Besides warm hats and scarves of miscellaneous wool, we have acquired some wool socks and warm sweaters, flannel shirts and even coats. As people have heard about the project, they have contacted us to ask whether they might donate to the project, even if they aren’t knitters themselves, or even members of St. Paul’s.
The answer is YES!

The project is coming together as a community expression of gratitude, bit by bit, and we’re grateful for all the gratitude in our community. One person is donating flannel shirts, another warm coats, a neighbor a scarf she made this winter of odds and ends of wool she had around the house, and a friend gave three baby blankets she knit this winter under lockdown. The Holy Stitchers are industriously at work knitting up especially hats, scarves, and socks, using some of the stash we’ve acquired over the years, but there’s plenty more yarn for anyone willing to donate some labor.
Please feel free to join us!
If you would like someone to pick up items you might wish to contribute, or if you would like some yarn delivered, please let Carol Martin know.
Spotlight on St. Paul’s Small Groups 
This week’s feature:Wednesday Bible Study
    The Wednesday afternoon Bible Study focuses on reading the Bible with the aim of seeking its meaning for our own lives, and for the world in which we all live. In this small group, discussion is deep and the questions and thoughts of all are welcomed, honored, and thoughtfully considered.
    The discussion, led by members of the group, is stimulated by a very helpful guide by N. T. Wright, a noted New Testament scholar and theologian. The group is currently studying the Gospel according to Luke, and Wright’s questions lead us to think deeply about Jesus in His own time, and in our own.
     The group is open to all. We currently meet in the garden behind the church Wednesdays, 3:30-4:30 as the weather allows, or on Zoom 3:00-4:30. Contact Julia Walkling, 725-6353, or Pam Nugent, 737-2369
Community Information 
Contribute to the Diocese-Wide Anti-Hunger Initiative
Join congregations and individuals in the diocese to help feed those in need and assist Maine farmers. This spring, the diocese and several parish partners purchased many pounds of Aroostook County potatoes. These were bought from farmers whose crops would have otherwise spoiled because they were unable to get them to market in the pandemic. They were driven by donated trucks to food pantries throughout the state.

The diocese is now expanding their response to local food insecurity beginning with a second purchase of 30,000 pounds or more of potatoes through the Maine Farmers Exchange. Their immediate goal is to raise $5,000 to purchase the next truckload and make shipping arrangements. Please consider making a contribution. You can donate by check made out to Episcopal Diocese of Maine with subject line “Food Insecurity Fund” mailed to:
Attn: John Hennessy
Episcopal Diocese of Maine
PO Box 4036
Portland, ME 04101

They also have set up some ways for you to give electronically:
Mobile app – Download the GivePlus mobile app on the App Store or on Google Play, enter our zip code “04101”, select “Episcopal Diocese of Maine” and give. 
Visit – Easily enter your donation from our website. Click on the “donate” button on the top of the home page. 

Mid Coast Hunger Prevention ProgramOur country is going through a very rough period now with the COVID-19 virus, high unemployment, and businesses not being able to operate at full capacity. Mid Coast Hunger is also going through a rough period. Many organizations, clubs, and churches that support their effort to feed the hungry have not been able to donate non-perishable items. They have had to use limited cash to purchase these items in order to meet the need. School will soon be in session and MCHPP will be feeding students whether in school or at home. We can continue to support them with donations. A check in any amount would be greatly appreciated. Please mail your check directly to them at 12 Tenney Way, Brunswick. Thank you for your continued support in this crucial time. Local Brunswick Support

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