What’s Happening at St. Paul’s : April 30, 2021

What’s Happening at St. Paul’s 
Sunday, May 2
The Fifth Sunday of Easter

9:30 a.m.  Family Worship
Rev. Katie Holicky, along with musician Susan Brown will lead us in a time of song, prayer, story, and sharing with our friends! 
Here is the link for the Zoom gathering.
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10:30 a.m. Spiritual Eucharist           
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Acts 8:26-40       1 John 4:7-21
John 15:1-8       Psalm 22:24-30
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Explore the Sermon over coffee on Zoom
Sunday, 11:30 am
Join in for a facilitated virtual gathering to check in with each other and explore the morning’s sermon.
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Outdoor Worship Survey Results
Thank you to all who answered the survey on Outdoor Worship.
Here are the final results
1) “Would you come to an outdoor Eucharist service beneath a canopy in the Memorial Garden? Masking requirements and distancing will be in place. We will also be offering a digital live feed of the service.”
Yes   60 (70.6%)
No  10 (11.8%)
Undecided  14 (16.5%)

2)  “Would you be willing to bring your own bread to be used in communion? (We will not be able to safely distribute communion wafers or allow sharing of bread outside of family groups.)”
Yes 66 (77.6%)
No 11 (12.9%)

3) “If a small number of people from the choir were singing (perhaps four, all masked and distanced), would that prevent you from coming because of safety concerns?”
I would attend    71 (83.5%)
I would not attend   7 (8.2%)

To read the written comments, click here.

News from the Episcopal Church
St. Paul’s parishioner, Caroline Russell is mentioned in this article from the Episcopal News Service titled Episcopalians share transformative experiences with Sacred Ground racial justice curriculum
By Egan Millard Click here to read the full article

Executive Summary
From 2018 to 2020, the Racial Justice Audit of Episcopal Leadership surveyed and interviewed more than 1,300 members of the church’s key leadership bodies about their experiences of racism, racial identity, and power in the life of the church. Conducted by The Mission Institute in partnership with the Episcopal Church’s Racial Reconciliation and Justice Team, the audit and resulting report offer data, stories, major patterns and themes, recommendations, and reflection tools designed to help the church to truly become beloved community.  To see the entire report click here

Prayer Requests

Pray for St. Patrick’s, in BrewerPray for the basic right of all people to adequate shelter.
Pray for Anderson, Andrew, Cedric, Jason, Michael, Richard, and all in the military.
Pray for those who have died remembering especially Sally Mull, who died this week.
We pray for:
Christy, Ryan & family, Ray, John, David, Judi, Nick, Bob, Kathy, Skip, the Blackburn family, Willow, Ann, Jim, Lollie, James, Dave, Caroline, Jeffrey, Carol, Roger W, Harlan, Shirley, Rob, Rick+,  Elizabeth and Larry

Jennifer, John, Reeve, Victor, Travis & family, Ben, Diane, Nate, Priscilla, Garrett, Elliot, Marcia, Lynn, Bill, Bob, Paul, Sue, Nan, Clare, Cameron, Barbara, Christy, Michael, Ryan, and Jacob, Jen, and all essential workers

Matthew, Herb, Gair, baby Thomas, Jason, Annie, Terry, Mark, Donelda, Sudie, Pat, Marie, Michael, Debbie, Carol, Ron, Hope, Therese, Lois, Bob, Virginia, Sally, Steve, Luke, Catarina, Richelle, Darah, Chick, and Barbara

Call or email the parish office if you would like a name to be placed on the prayer list. The names will be removed after three months unless otherwise notified.

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