St. Paul’s Guidance for Outdoor & Indoor Gatherings-updated 8.13.2021

 Guidelines are subject to change given the changing circumstances of the pandemic. 


1. Masks are highly recommended for fully vaccinated people and required for unvaccinated people. 

2. Contact tracing is required. 

3. Masks are recommended for congregational and choir singing. 

4. Physical distancing is not required. 

5. There is no limit to number of people gathered. 

6. Please gently ask if a handshake or hug is permissible. 

7. Community groups such as the 12-step groups may meet outdoors. 

8. If possible, it is recommended to bring a chair to use. 

9. If food and drink are served, servers must be masked. Food is not laid out buffet style, but served on individual plates. 

INDOOR Parish Office is open. (see hours in announcements and weekly emails*) 

No in-person indoor Sunday worship until surge reverses to May 2021 levels for at least a month’s consecutive days. 

1. No more than 25 people in building at a time. 

2. Masks are required for all entering building. 

3. Contact tracing is required for all entering the building. 

4. No more than two masked people or two family units in each restroom at a time. 

5. Building is closed to community groups, but open to members. 


1. Summer Sunday outdoor “picnic Eucharist” will continue through the end of October in-person in the memorial garden at 10:30 a.m. Facebook live streaming will be offered. 

2. Starting September 12, Family Worship and Family Group begin at 9:00 a.m. outdoors. 

3. When heavy rain or thunderstorms are forecast, Spiritual Eucharist from the Nave at 10:30 a.m. will be offered on Facebook Live from the closed nave instead of outdoor in-person Eucharist. The Saturday email and a Facebook announcement will be sent. 

4. Memorial services may be in-person in memorial garden (see above for outdoor guidelines) or in-person indoors in the nave for no more than 25 masked family and friends or postponed to a date that fits the in-person indoor gathering criteria. 

Here is a downloadable PDF Document for this information