What‘s Happening at St. Paul’s 11-19-2021

How wonderful it was to gather in person in the Nave last Sunday for the first time in 20 months! When Rev. Katie opened the service with “Welcome Home!” and parishioners broke into spontaneous applause, I’d bet that more than one of us teared up. The feel of worshiping in that beautiful space was indeed like coming home. Deep thanks to all who helped with the service, from the altar guild members, readers, ushers and choir members to our priest and deacon.
There were a few glitches here and there, with some microphone pops and a little confusion about whether the offering plate would be passed. (It will be positioned at the very front of the middle aisle, where people passing by can easily make contributions.) But in general it seemed that all went well. Was that your experience? Do some things need to be tweaked? If so, please let us know, especially if you had problems hearing the service.
Moving to inside worship was a big step. We’d like to let you know about a second step that will be taken December 5th—the first Sunday in December. That day we will make a trial run at reviving our traditional First Sunday Life Together, in which the 9:00 and 10:30 services are combined into one, to be held at 10:30. In the old days before the pandemic, this was a beloved monthly practice. Children were able to come to “big church,” and those of us whose children have grown and flown were able to enjoy the frisky energy of youth. It’s a vibrant way to worship, and one that we hope we’ll be able to resume on a regular basis.
To make sure we have ample space to spread out, the Vestibule will be available for extra seating that day. The Great Hall will also be open as needed, with live streaming from the Nave.
And there’s more. After the service our intergenerational fellowship will continue in the parking lot with bonfires (inside Solo stoves) and s’mores. It won’t be quite like coffee hour in the Great Hall—but it will give us a chance to visit, catch up, and come together as a parish. We’ll be able to chat freely and linger. Dress warmly—and bring a thermos with a hot drink, if you like. More details will be forthcoming at this Sunday service. See you there!

In peace,
Jan DeBlieu
Junior Warden