What‘s Happening at St. Paul’s 12-12-2021

Last Sunday we gathered together for our first Life Together worship service since the pandemic began. It also happened to be my very first Life Together service with you! It was such a joy to gather together in this special way– one gathered body joyfully praising God! I rejoiced as I heard readings from various generations. I was blessed by our young ones dancing, and even one waving a flag with joy as the choir sang. After worship he proudly told me, “I waved my flag for EVERY song!” A true banner of the joy, hope, love, and peace of the season. As I reflected this week on the delight of the day, and looked again at that little felted cardinal ornament I showed you all during my sermon, I felt a deepening call to consider how I might continue preparing for Jesus this Advent season. (In case you missed seeing the ornament, here is a picture of it perched on our tree.)

This week, one of the things that has become clear to me… is God’s call to slow down and rest. Trusting that in being rested I can hear and see God more clearly. It is so much easier said than done, especially this time of year. And yet, it feels like a holy practice. To slow down knowing the world goes on. To rest knowing that there will always be something to do. To know that the presence of God is with us as we wait and rest in anticipation. How might you, in this busy season, slow down and rest? How might doing so help you be on the lookout for God breaking into the world each day this Advent season? How might the practice of waiting in the presence of God prepare your mind, body, and spirit to welcome Jesus in just a few weeks time? May we all find the grace to slow down and rest. And may we meet God in new ways in doing so.

Join us for worship this Sunday, the third Sunday in Advent! We will welcome back our Rector from her three month sabbatical! Welcome home, Carolyn!

With love,

Rev. Katie Holicky, Assistant Rector

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Welcome Home, Carolyn! Our Rector returns from sabbatical.

The Third Sunday of Advent 12/12
9:00 am Family Worship (in the Hall & on Zoom)
10:30 am Eucharist (in the Nave & on Facebook Live)

Blue Christmas Healing Service, Thursday 12/16
11:00 am Blue Christmas service (in the Great Hall & on Zoom)

The Fourth Sunday of Advent 12/19
9:00 am Family Worship (in the Hall & on Zoom)
10:30 am Eucharist (in the Nave & on Facebook Live)

Christmas Eve Worship 12/24

4:00 pm Family Service (in Nave & on Facebook Live)
7:30 pm Candlelight Holy Eucharist (in the Nave & on Facebook Live)

Christmas Day Worship 12/25

10:00 am Holy Eucharist (in the Nave & on Facebook Live)

First Sunday after Christmas 12/26

10:30 am Holy Eucharist (in the Nave & on Facebook Live)