April 2, 2023, Palm Sunday, First Sunday Life Together Worship. Homily preached by Rev. Katie Holicky

Homily for Palm Sunday: The Last Week and Passion Narrative 


  • Friends this is the most important week for people all over the world who name themselves as Christians, followers of Jesus 
  • It is this week that we mark the last week that Jesus lived, his death, and his resurrection (or coming back) from the dead
  • Let us spend some time thinking about what happened this week a couple of thousand years ago
  • I will share some parts of the story and objects and along the way ask you some questions… shout out your answers if you want to. It is also ok to just sit with the questions and not answer them outloud. 

  • Palm Sunday
    • This is the day that Jesus came into Jerusalem…. On one side of town we have the celebration we just did… welcoming Jesus with joy and naming him as leader (king).
      • On the other side of town the Roman leader who controlled the people would have been coming into town with his army, a sort of way to show his might and power to try and scare the people into acting in ways the empire said they should 
    • Object: wooden figure and palm
    • I wonder… what it feels like for you to shout Hosanna! And parade together in celebration of Jesus and not of the empire? 
  • Teaching and preaching Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
    • More lessons on what it means to truly be followers of Jesus
      • Mary the sister of Martha and Lazarus anoints Jesus’ feet, something that would have been done a burial 
      • Jesus is our Messiah, the one who came to teach us, help us to love one another, and who died for the sins of the world (what it means to follow, Jesus to be lifted up) 
      • Objects: Oil for anointing, heart, image of diverse people (love each other) 
      • I wonder… what it feels or looks like for you to follow the teaching of Jesus?
  • Maundy Thursday-
    • The Passover Meal is why Jesus and so many others are in town. Jesus shares in one last meal with his friends: the invitation to remember Jesus’ life of teaching and promise of hope in his death
    • He also washes their feet and reminds them that they are to serve one another and the world in love and care
      • Objects: cup (blood) and plate (bread), pitcher of water and towel 
      • I wonder… what it feels like to know we remember Jesus in this way each time we celebrate Eucharist? 
      • I wonder… what it feels like to know that we are to serve one another? 
    • praying in the garden
      • Object: artistic image of Jesus praying in Garden
      • I wonder what it felt like for him to be praying alone while the others slept? 
    • Jesus is betrayed by Judas and handed over to the Roman Empire 
  • Good Friday- Jesus is put on trial and killed
    • Object: crown of thorns, cross, nails? 
    • I wonder… what it might have felt like for the women who stayed with Jesus the entire time he was on trial and when he was killed?
    •  I wonder what it feels like for you to think about the death of Jesus as a direct act of love for you?