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New Paint- We continue to Stay on Schedule

Photos taken on 1 March 2019 show the newly painted nave ceiling. Combined with the new lighting, the photos provide a taste of what the nave will look like when done: bright and clean. Note the new central aisle: its smooth and solid construction provide a real sense security when walking on it. Imagine what […]

New Ramps

These photos show the newly installed ramps at each end of the raised center aisle. The ramp closest to the altar is partially obscured by plywood that protects the floor from, and distributes the weight of, the scissor lifts.

Work Update As Of February 20th

Work on the center aisle continues. The base structure to raise the aisle has been installed. Workers in these photographs can be seen preparing to install the ramps at the ends of the aisle. Later, the entire floor will be capped with plywood before new carpet is installed. Meanwhile, painters are prepping the walls in […]

New Floor; New Lighting

Work is progressing in the nave. At his shop Mr. Ruwet assembled the framing that will “raise” the center aisle so that is flush with flooring under the pews. In these photos, Scott can be seen installing the frames. Also, please note how bright it is in the nave. Most of the new LED lighting […]

Improved Accessibility

On 15 February 2019, in her email letter to the parish, the rector announced an exciting new aspect to our Seasons of Renewal renovation. In response to numerous requests, we have found a practical and affordable way to improve access into pews that are along the center aisle. The information below provides some additional details […]

Cleaning the Nave

ServPro has nearly completed its task of cleaning the nave. The work has been quite thorough: walls, behind corners, lectern, etc. A solution that chemically bonds with the grit/grime is used on the walls to safely clean without drip or mess. Old carpets have been removed and disposed of. Because we are one week ahead […]

Nave Unsealed

On 5 February 2019, the lead abatement of the nave was completed. It is now permissible to enter the nave without the need of protective gear. ServPro technicians arrived the morning of 6 February to begin cleaning. Moore Painting will begin overall sealing and painting of the walls within the next few days. As a […]

Update on Pews

On 30 January 2019, Moore Painting provided these photos of the pews after their full restoration. Lovely.

Lead Abatement and Cleaning

Lead abatement (def: reduction, decrease or diminution) and cleaning of the walls within the nave began on 30 January 2019. ServPro technicians, wearing protective hazmat suits, can be seen in the initial phase of this important step. We anticipate that this process will take approximately one week. As members of the Renovation Committee are not […]

New Lights; Nave Being Prepped

As mentioned in an earlier post, the electricians will begin installing LED fixtures in the annex whenever their schedule permits. There was a delay in the delivery of fixtures for the nave, so work began in the annex. Because the new fixtures are smaller, placement of the lamps is staggered to give the installation a […]