Family Ministries

We will celebrate the Season of Creation again this year, starting on Sept. 1 and ending on Oct. 4, though we will take this one week beyond that and end on Oct. 8 when we celebrate Indigenous People’s Day.

“A new command I give you: Love one another as I have loved you; so you must love one another” – Jesus Christ (John 13:34)

Our Mission:

To facilitate the giving and receiving of support in our parish and throughout our community.

To cultivate a caring inclusive church.

To provide a multigenerational connection in faith.

Establishing ways in which parishioners can network with each other to build a stronger church family.

Family Ministries committee is called by God to be a conduit for families in need by establishing networks between parishioners to build a stronger church family.

Hardships like job loss, family separation, addiction, mental health and illness or injury are often crippling, bringing families to their knees. As brothers and sisters in Christ, family ministries strives to reach out to the congregation and offer support either in the form of a prayer, a meal, a ride or an embrace.

We are here! How can we help you?

Help identify needs

Help with meals during times of hardship

Help with childcare and transportation

Help with emotional/ spiritual support

Help with parental/guardian support

Help with home visits/communion