A lesson on early Christians led students to write letters of encouragement to contemporary Christians imprisoned for their faith.

Eagles Class meets upstairs in Room 7.

After the 9:30 service students go to their respective classrooms and sit down for a snack and conversation together and are soon joined by other students whose parents are attending the 10:30 service. At 10:40 the classes generally go to the Great Hall and sit in a circle for a story presentation. With a goal of respectfully nurturing child’s innate spirituality, we use a Montessorri style program called Godly Play which allows the children to enter into and interact with the sacred stories in their own unique ways. After the story, kids generally go back to their classrooms for an activity of their choosing in response to the story. Individual attention is provided and efforts made to include activities that affirm the children’s particular skills or interests. Students may also suggest or be presented with opportunities and elect to be a part of service projects in their community.
Classes end at 11:15, after which children are free to join their parents in the sanctuary, or go to the nursery while they wait for parents.