During a lesson on Paul, we ate bread and water in “jail.” Note the Centurion who “arrested” us towards the back of the group!

At this age, children experience the world with their whole body.  If you’ve ever seen a preschooler’s eyes widen with delight at the sight of a butterfly, or stomp vigorously in a mud puddle, you know that children have a natural capacity for wonder and joy.  Our job is simply to encourage and reinforce this innate sense of beauty and expression that young children possess, and to help give children the vocabulary to express what comes naturally to them—a sense of gratitude to the God who has provided them with all the good things they experience in the world around them.

Using puppetry, song, rhymes, and active play, we explore a variety of themes related to the Biblical passages of the day:  what it means to love and be loved by God, to have a full range of human emotions, to live in and care for God’s creation, and to know how God cares for us in all circumstances.

As with all our children’s classes, we choose our teachers carefully and provide training in the developmental stage of that particular age group, the different learning styles and developmental challenges children may face at that age.  We also educate them about diocesan Safe Church policies about sexual abuse issues, and encourage them to take the special diocesan training course offered on that topic.