Information about Scholarship Money
for Campers and Diocesan/St. Paul’s Program Participants

St. Paul’s has a general policy of encouraging parishioners to take advantage of diocesan summer camps, trips for teens, mission trips, and pilgrimages.  However, we recognize that some parishioners might not always be able to pay the recommended family contribution towards such camps and programs.

Scholarship funds are available to children and teens who have been active participants of St. Paul’s church school, Rite 13, and/or J2A programs for the two years prior to their application for scholarship money.

In cases in which the family wishes to request scholarship money from St. Paul’s, they may do so by filling out the attached application form.  Please note that there is an upper limit of $150 per child, per year for scholarship money towards camps (Bishopswood/BION).  You are also encouraged to apply for aid directly from the diocese.  For non-camp programs, please note the total cost of the program, as well as the amount you are requesting from St. Paul’s in the spaces provided.

In addition to filling out the application form, you are also encouraged to speak with the Rector or Christian Formation Director about any extenuating circumstances that could aid us in determining the award of scholarship funds.